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2003-07-01 - 12:27 p.m.

About Politically Speaking

The purpose of this website is to inform current readers, and anyone else who strays upon this site, about current news events that affect our daily lives with a special emphasis on the Bush Administration, the economy, the "war on terrorism", the 911 Investigation, and the situations in the Middle East.

The author of this site, Ravynemyst, is a Moderate Independent, a political activist, an enviromental activists (but not to the extreme that she is out there trying to save every single species on Earth, because face it, survival of the fitest still applies), a human rights activist, a peace activist, a women's rights activist, and a sexual orientation activist. Ravynemyst is also very much against the current Bush War-Machine movement and believes that the money being spent on Bush's constant battle-cry could be better spent at home providing jobs, healthcare, education, and clean air and water.

Although Ravynemyst holds a few conservative and liberal values, she is very much a centrist. She is Pro-Constitution (which means all the rights afforded us under the Constitution, including the right to bear arms), Pro-Universal Healthcare (because everyone deserves the best treatment without going bankrupt trying to pay for the high cost of health coverage in this country), anti-Big Government (because she doesn't want her every move tracked or the Government sticking its nose into her personal business), and most definitely Anti-War (if more people would give PEACE a try and stop trying to declare that their way is better or their religion is better, it would be a better a world).

If you would like to learn more about Ravynemyst, you can check out her online Diaryland Profile or visit one of her many Who IS Ravyne? Survey pages:

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