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2003-02-26 - 7:07 a.m.

:::100 Things About Me:::

1. I married my soulmate, Matt, on October 31, 2001.

2. Four cats claim me as their mother: Baabee, Ebbie, Lynx, and Loly.

3. I am deeply spiritual and believe in a Collective Consciousness link with all living things.

4. I am not religious.

5. I walk a pagan path, which is a way of life for me, not a religious affiliation.

6. I practice Faery Wicca and the Craft of the Wise.

7. I am a spirit channeler.

8. I am a Reiki II practicioner.

9. I use tarot and runes as guides for my life.

10. I have an affinity for ravens and cats.

11. I love Grandmother Spider and all her children.

12. I love snakes as well.

13. I am 37 years young :)

14. I live in a small city in Virginia, USA

15. My eyes are the color of lapis.

16. My hair is naturally dark blonde, but thanks to Clairol, it is light auburn.

17. It is my lifelong quest to gain as much knowledge about as many different things as possible.

18. I get annoyed at people who refuse to open their minds and learn new things.

19. I have a bachelor's degree in English.

20. I have a master's degree in Arts and Liberal Studies.

21. I have 30 credits towards a phD which I may complete some day in the near future

22. My favorite color is black.

23. My next favorite color is purple.

24. My least favorite color is grAy, not to be confused with grEy.

25. I have a fear of escalators.

26. I have a fear of long flights of stairs.

27. I have a fear of heights.

28. I love sunsets.

29. I loathe sunrises.

30. My favorite season is Autumn.

31. My least favorite season is Summer.

32. My favorite holiday is Samhain (Halloween).

33. My least favorite holiday is Christmas because it is too commercialized.

34. I love giving gifts for no apparent reason.

35. I do not receive gifts well.

36. I do not like celebrating my own birthdays.

37. I am a Gemini born on the cusp of Cancer with a Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Venus, and Gemini Mars.

38. I write poetry, short fiction, and essays.

39. I am a political activist.

40. I have sworn to protect Mother Earth to the best of my abilities.

41. I love communing with the ocean at night.

42. My favorite place is Nags Head NC.

43. I also love the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA.

44. My favorite writers are Gertrude Stein, William Goyen, and Orson Scott Card.

45. My favorite poet is Dylan Thomas.

46. My favorite historical era is World War 2.

47. The historical figure that I am most fascinated with is Hitler.

48. The next historical figure that I am fascinated with is Lenin.

49. The country that fascinates me the most is Russia.

50. The next country that fascinates me is Ireland.

51. I love mythology, especially Greek, Eygptian and Norse mythology.

52. I love Jungian psycology and his archetypes of our dream world.

53. I am a procrastinator.

54. I think, act, and perform better under pressure.

55. I get stressed out really easily.

56. I am prone to panic attacks.

57. I get painful migraines that cause me to see auras, get sick to my stomach, be sensitive to light and sound.

59. I have a few close friends in real life, but hundreds online.

60. I get along best with my family when I am not around them much.

61. I have one older sister and one younger brother.

62. My favorite singers are Prince, Neil Diamond and George Strait.

63. My fave group is Type O Negative.

64. I also love classical, jazz, and new age music.

65. I love being an individual.

66. I feel stiffled when forced to conform to other people's rules.

67. I am bisexual.

68. I am romantic and sensual.

69. I prefer clothes that are soft, flowy, made of natural fabrics, and loose-fitting.

70. I have often felt that I was born in the wrong era.

71. I have often been accused of being selfish (and to a certain degree they are right).

72. I am a loner who enjoys her own company and that of a few close friends to big crowds of people.

73. I am nocturnal.

74. I am fascinated with vampires and werewolves.

75. My favorite foods are italian, mexican and chinese.

76. I love all veggies except okra.

77. I love carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

78. I love homemade coconut creme pie.

79. I love homemade chili, soups and stews on cold winter nights.

80. My favorite ice cream is Pralines and Cream.

81. I collect statues of dancers in all their poses.

82. I also collect witches.

83. I am obsessed with office supplies and "back to school' time is my favorite shopping time for those things.

84. I would rather do anything in the world than dishes or laundry.

85. I love to cook and have been told that I am a fairly good one.

86. I am a smoker and although I have tried to quit many times, I love all aspects of it too much to really quit.

87. I often fight sleep, prefering to stay awake as long as I can before crashing, even though I only sleep about 5-6 hrs at a time.

88. My favorite actors are Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Andy Garcia, and Denzel Washington.

89. My favorite actresses are Kathleen Turner, Sandra Bollock, Ashley Judd and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

90. My favorite tv personality is Oprah.

91. My all time favorite movies are Dr. Zhivago, the Lord of the Ring Movies, The Matrix, Rob Roy, Powder and Interview With a Vampire.

92. My favorite comedians are Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams, and Ellen Degeneres.

93. I love British comedy like Monty Python and Ab-Fab.

94. I enjoy spending my free time chatting in Yahoo Religion 1.

95. Thunder storms are a huge turn-on for me.

96. I have pierced ears and nipples.

97. My favorite erotica movie is 9 1/2 Weeks.

98. I hate surprises.

99. I despise hypocrites (thanks to the spelling-nazi...reminds herself to be less in a hurry and spell-check more often).

100. I prefer to treat everyone the way they would like to be treated and try to show kindness, love, and compassion to everyone I meet.

101. I am now studying Buddhism and Taoism.

102. I have been practicing Yoga now for about 6 months and love it.

103. Have I said how much I love coffee? Not just any coffee though. It has to be expresso now because the stronger the coffee, the better I like it.

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