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2003-04-02 - 9:35 a.m.

::This Isn't a War; It's a Bloodbath!::

Last night, in the wee hours, when most of us were sleeping, my notes section was attacked by two kids who decided it was a good place to spew their hatred, bigotry, and misinformed views. I have since deleted their comments. They did, however, bring up one interesting point. One of them said something to the effect that he/she didn't like this war either, but that I shouldn't be insulting the president by claiming that he is killing innocent children.

Well, kids, I am sorry to inform you, but that is exactly what the president is doing. No, he may not be the one actually pulling the trigger or dropping the bombs - he is too much of a coward for that - but he is the one who sent our men and women to a bloodbath, where they are now forced to make moral choices in order to survive. The men and women in our military should stop and think, and then ask the most important question of their military careers: "Why should I be fighting in a war for a man who, instead of enlisting in the military, chose to serve and then deserted the National Guard when it was his time to fight during Vietnam?"

It is time that Americans stop believing the lies coming out of the White House and start doing some research on those serving in the Bush Administration, starting with Bush and working all the way through every appointee Bush has made. We need to stop supporting this madman in the White House and bring our troops HOME! This isn't a war we are fighting in the Middle East; It is a bloodbath!

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