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2003-04-02 - 9:08 a.m.

::Ask Sollog::

April 1st 2003

Question from Zshiek an Ask Sollog Fan

Hi Sollog,

Is it a coincidence that War started on the 3rd day of the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the 3rd year of the 3rd century (Millennium)?

Answer from Sollog


George W. Bush is an ADMITTED MEMBER of Skull and Bones. It is a SECRET SATANIC SOCIETY and his father and grandfather belonged to it as well. THIS IS A WELL KNOWN FACT that has even been pointed out in the media. However, they do not tell you directly about the sinister evil that is THE SKULL AND BONES.

The father of George Bush showed he was SKULL AND BONES when he used the phrase "THE NEW WORLD ORDER" in one of his Presidential speeches.

The ignorant and uninformed masses of the world don't believe in things like BLACK MAGICK. George W. Bush and his family and his fellow bonesmen ALL PRACTICE BLACK MAGICK!

In Black Magick great importance is put on certain numbers. 666 is THE BEAST. Those familiar with Revelations know 666 personifies evil. Half of 666 is 333, it is the female aspect of the beast to some in BLACK MAGICK. 333 is also connected to Choronzon the Arch Angel of Daath. Choronzon can be considered to be the major DEMON of Black Magick.

IT WAS NO MISTAKE that the DARK FORCES that control the White House and George W. Bush CHOSE the 3rd Week of the 3rd Month of the Third year of the Third Millennium to show WHO CONTROLS THE WAR IN IRAQ! IT IS PURE EVIL.

The double three (33) is the highest degree in Masonic Rites.

The whole city of Washington DC was built based upon Masonic Numerology. It even appears in the design of US Currency.

Most within the USA are clueless and don't believe that EVIL SATANIC SOCITIES control their government, large businesses and media. BUT THEY DO.

Within the Ivy League schools of the USA EVIL SECRET SOCITIES operate freely. They all choose the brightest or best connected students to enter their EVIL SECRET CULTS. Skull and Bones is just one such satanic cult that controls many aspects of American life. For generations the future leaders of the USA were chosen to become BLACK MAGICK occultists in Ivy League Schools. The general population has been led to believe that such things don't exist. YET THEY DO!

For George W. Bush to OPENLY START THE WAR ON IRAQ on such an EVIL AND HOLY DAY IN BLACK MAGICK was an arrogant and egotistical action.



BLACK MAGICK has been used to pollute the minds of America for years.

Who invited the self-confessed PRINCE OF DARKNESS aka Ozzy Osborne into the White House? GEORGE W. BUSH.

Ozzy Osborne is now a clueless old man. But he used his SATANIC ALIGNED MUSIC to pollute the minds of many.

His initial band was called BLACK SABBATH. Now Ozzy probably has no clue as to what evil he played with his whole adult life. But THE BLACK SABBATH IS REAL and practiced by real satanists!

If you pray to or worship DARK FORCES they will take over you.

What did George W. Bush say to Ozzy? WE LOVE YOU OZZY!



GEORGE W. BUSH chose to start his EVIL WAR on Iraq on a date that occultists can easily see as a MAJOR UNHOLY DAY!



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