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2003-02-20 - 1:32 a.m.

:::Is This the Long Awaited PlanetX?:::

Something major is happening in our universe. Sun flares going off the record. A *huge* comet many times the size of Jupiter can now be seen with the naked eye. Why hasn't NASA issued warnings? Why hasn't the government issued watches? Why are we suddenly on HIGH security allert? Is terrorism just a diversion for what could be the worst cataclysmic catastrophy in recorded history? Many have called this a conspiracy theory, but these pictures are proof that something MAJOR is happening out there in the Universe and we are NOT being told about it! Check out the pictures on this site:

Comet C/2002 V1 NEAT

Here is more information:


Comet C/2002 V1 NEAT

C/2002 V1 ( NEAT )

Comet Observation Home Page

Hot Shots from SOHO: NEAT


:::An Interesting Turn of Events:::

I felt an energy surge recently as thousands of lightbulbs suddenly went on all over the world. I think the men and women of our military are beginning to see the light. Yes, you *are* expendable! And no, our government doesn't care if you are well prepared to do your job defending this country. For you see, if you die in war, that is less money the government has to spend to take care of you for the rest of your life. If you come home sick, injured, dying of chemical exposure, the government will have to take care of you. That means less money in their coffers, and we have already seen how money-hungry this administration is. Here is the article in question:

Bio/Chem Attack Protection Questioned


Twelve years after chemical and biological weapons were discovered in Iraq’s arsenal during the Gulf War, U.S. forces massing for a possible attack on Iraq are still not properly prepared to encounter such weapons.

Troops in the field are so frustrated by the lack of preparedness that they have twisted the acronym NBC, for nuclear, biological chemical warfare. “Truth to tell, the troopers call it, ‘Nobody Cares:’ NBC,” says retired Col. David Hackworth, an advocate of soldier’s rights. “What they’ve been saying to me is that they don’t trust their gear. They don’t think it will work in a desert environment where it’s burning hot. A soldier without confidence is in trouble,” Hackworth says.

The Pentagon’s head of chemical and biological preparedness acknowledges there have been problems, but says they’re being addressed, especially warning troops about the 250,000 defective suits and trying to locate them. Otherwise, training is being done and soldiers are ready, says Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar. “We have world-class equipment. We’ve made this a priority. Our young men and women…are trained. They know what to do,” she tells Wallace.

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