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2003-02-20 - 12:31 a.m.


:::Gettin' On My Soapbox:::

I've seen this so many times in chat rooms. Someone comes in and asks for help on a research topic. Take tonight for instance. This chatter named JuJu-somethingorother came in and asked for websites on Sociology. So I told JuJu to do a websearch. This lamebrain gives me the typical lazy-person's answer, "I already searched and didn't find anything." Ok, I may not be the most intellectual person in the world, but a subject as broad as Sociology is definitely going to pull up at least a few websites. So I do a quick search on Yahoo and find a website that has tons of links to websites on this topic. When I post the link in the room, I tell this JuJu-person that here was a link and there was no way he/she/it could have done a search.

This kind of crap really ticks me off because it proves to me how dumbed-down our school systems have really become. Why in the world would you go into a chat room and ask someone else to do a simple search for you when you can easily do one yourself? Why? PURE LAZINESS! The only other alternative would be that the person doesn't have much internet knowledge and should probably be asking his/her teacher for help with computer research.

I know I shouldn't allow this kind of thing get to me, but it really does burn me up. Our kids have become slothful when it comes to doing their own school work. I see at least 3-5 teens come into the chat room asking for help every single night. Now I don't mind answering questions for a kid if he/she is doing a survey type paper for a class. And I certainly don't mind pointing someone in the right direction for research, but come on! there should not be this many kids seeking help for school projects in chat rooms! For the love! Think for yourself!

:::steps off of her soapbox and pushes it back under the table:::

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