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jessica *WMD* lovejoy - 2003-06-28 18:54:36
Yah, the fact that he screws folks in the military is what really blows me away (oops, haha, that pun was accidental). It's like Bloomberg shutting down firehouses...I guess the good side of his insanity is that it'll eventually pull him down. Sure, he's no Caligula-- but he's a hellofa lot like Nero. Oh and WHAT THE FUCK is with that stealing from Iraqi citizens thing? Is that true? I don't doubt it- assholes are everywhere, and assholes with guns are the worst. But why don't the decent soldiers STOP THEM? I don't get it!
Carla - 2003-06-30 02:05:29
Like your new layout! And what always gets to me is how so many people over here who went rabidly pro-war seem to have done it only to assuage their personal fear. That they throw a few thousand soldiers and thousands more Iraqui civilians in the fire so they could be assured by Daddy Bush that they'd remain tucked in safe and warm at night. I think I may be getting a tad to bitter/cynical about the shit I took over my views during the pre-war-pro-war fest, but several of the reactions I got after I revealed that I'm a Reservist was a total 180 from "you Saddam lover" to "oh gosh, I hope you don't have to go. This reaction kind of spells out the motivation behind so many (not everyone) of these newbie war mongers, which was the sparing of their own hides in the deal. Guess they haven't heard of Selective Service -- bet these babies will be overnight PEACENIKC once no one can be recruited willingly.
Liz - 2003-06-30 02:47:48
Why do people want to live that way. It's stupid. It's frustrating. Why don't they want peace, why can't they just say "FUCK TRYING TO BE RIGHT, FUCK BEING THE BEST, I WANT PEACE" and let the other guy win. It's stupid.
Destiny - 2003-07-05 21:51:58
We put Saddam in power and the weaponry, we planted the seed - guess it was just harvest time... After Bush is out of office - do you really think what is going on will stop?

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