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jessica lovejoy - 2003-05-26 17:42:31
Im not sure about the Kurds- we've fucked them over in the past, and they're still an amazing ally. Also, they do need protection from Turkey & we're sure as hell not going to do it (we cant even keep the water running in Baghdad). Im not an expert- do you have specific reasons for yr concerns? From what Ive read they seem like a genuinely good group, but embattled from every side- not letting them keep their weapons would be like turning our back and setting them up to be slaughtered, you know? Just a thought-jL
politika - 2003-05-27 17:53:48
I agree that keeping the Kurds armed is just going to keep that area hot and aggrivated. If the Kurds get to keep their weapons, then what's to stop the Iraqis from keeping theirs too? and who's to say that Turkey won't start militarizing that border heavily (of course that's already been happening)? And then.. oh look, all out Middle East War.. Welcome to WW3 everyone.....

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