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2003-05-25 - 11:23 a.m.

Looks Like Iran Is Next

According to today's Reuter's report, it appears that Iran is next to feel the wrath of the Bush Administration. The Saudis and the USA have linked the recent bombings in Saudi Arabia to Al Qaeda operatives in Iran. The Bush Administration has cut all contacts with Iran and is going to try to destabilize the Iranian government. If that doesn't work, is Iran next to be bombed into submission? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Israel Accepts Bush's Road Map Plan - With Conditions

In a 12-7 vote in favor of the Road Map plan, Israel has agreed to the peace plan with the following conditions: "...there will be no compromise on the right of return, there will be no withdrawal to the 1967 borders, there will be no concession on Jerusalem, and there will be no agreement on a Palestinian state before the bases of terror are completely uprooted."

I don't know about you, but to me, it sounds like Israel doesn't want to really compromise at all. The only thing Israel has admitted is that the Palestinians deserve their own state.

Latest News from Iraq

Here are a few headlines from Iraq:

U.S. Sets Deadline for Iraqis to Hand in Weapons

It doesn't appear that Iraq will get the same Democracy that the US has. No right to bear arms.

Only Kurds to keep heavy weapons

Oh I am sure that will set well with the rest of the Iraqis. Not to mention it may get the Turks a bit in an uproar.

Gun gangs rule streets as US loses control

Didn't Bush already declare a "victory" in Iraq?

West on high alert as truck bomb fears grow

Hmmm, this might explain why my husband saw so many truck being searched at truck stops here in the US this past week.

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