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Cyndi - 2003-05-18 13:00:31
Well! I am continually shocked at the way the politicians are "running" this country and how many citizens just allow them to. They fight with lies and deceit when they should be supporting with peace and truth. I found papers in my Grandma's stuff from the Republicans that asked for her donations to help them because the Democrats were filling potholes in America with aborted babies. These people have to be stopped. It's about time the American public took back their country from the politicians who are ruining the great life vision our founding fathers had for us. Keep up the great work Ravynemyst!
minyoo - 2003-05-18 17:57:27
reminds me this one time Rumsfeld called the Iraq's (if it happened) burning of oil wells "Environmental terrorism." Hah. First hypocrisy and then framing. This administration is collection of idiots. I am apalled that people actually buy that sorts of krap.
b - 2003-05-18 22:41:42
People (sheeple in this case) like you are so full of themselves. Full of shit. You whine all day and expect people to share your vision. Why don't you go do something about it? Oh and take some time off the crack, sheeple must be the most stupid word ever coined.
helderheid - 2003-05-19 01:13:22
Oh GOD b - WE'RE the sheep?? PULEEZ. Holy hell you have to be kidding. Believe me, we're going to do something about it. Ravyn, I had to share the translation of my entry pertaining to you today: Verify knockout ravynemyst. Dangerous to her. W5V9her within your scion and get people to verify her knockout too.
Nikita - 2003-05-19 01:52:31
In Oregon a few months ago, there was a bill proposed that, if it had passed, would make war protesters equal to terrorists. If this had gone through, anti-war demonstrators - peaceful demonstrators - could've been arrested and given a maximum sentence of 25 years, I believe it was. I don't remember where I heard about this thing, maybe through a link on your journal or someone else's, but I read about it on Yahoo News. Tried to find the story they talked about in the online version of the Oregonian, and it wasn't there. That's supposedly where Yahoo News found it. Sounds like the government is making it so anyone who disagrees with Bush and the rest of the pirates will rot in prison. I hear Amsterdam is nice this time of year...
alex - 2003-05-19 08:38:25
good grief! i worked as an environmental activist -- this is insane. i think i might just have to get back on the payroll if the washington nut jobs go forward with that plan.
gutterpoet - 2003-05-19 08:43:53
Yes the Patriot Act is an assault on freedom, just as the equally vile and so-called Campaign Finance Reform bill is. However, it is wrong to say this is a Bush or Republican measure only when it passed so easily and had much Democratic support and had Demo hands all over the conception as well. This is the result of BOTH parties my friends. It must be remembered that when you cheer the government as it takes more taxes from the rich or takes over airport screeners or regulates this or that the things you find "just", that once you let it in it doesn't know where to stop and cannot be stopped. Smaller, less intrusive government is the only answer if you cherish your freedoms, not selective use of monolithic power.

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