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shesajar - 2003-04-30 20:27:04
ok... so, i contacted a friend of mine in law school about this, because i found this to be very interesting (thanks again for stirring my mind). he says this:1. Amendments don't require universal signatures--that's why we HAVE a Constitution, instead of the Articles of Confederation. 2. in a way that's correct--the income tax, without a Constitutional amendment, was thrown out as illegal (except during the Civil War). That's why the Constitution was amended (16th) 3. Er, the "Foreign Earned Income" story is a myth. Indeed, one "tax consultant" was thrown in jail for "counseling" people about it (he claimed he had a 1st Amendment right to "speech,"--court found him to be conducting criminal fraud and posing as an expert)..... and plus, i think it's sorta silly... just because there *might* be this loophole, it doesn't remove the fact that this dude just wants to be a "free rider" in society. i'll just pay my taxes with a smile and enjoy the benefits of being part of an organized society.
Kelly - 2003-04-30 21:37:33
Federal taxes are also important because they allow for a more even distribution of revenue. Most states and localities raise revenue via property and sales taxes. This is problematic for two reasons: 1) these taxes are highly regressive, i.e. they hurt the poor disproportionately more than the rich; 2)public services (education, police, fire, roads, etc.) will get short shrift in those areas that have a small tax base (due to size or lack of wealth). Federal transfers help reduce some of this inequality, not completely, but more than would be otherwise. Additionally, there are efficiency gains to be had from providing certain public goods at the national level. Science research funding, interstate highways, air traffic control, national defense, health and safety requirements, etc. If each state or locality had to provide each of these services, it would be much more expensive than at the national level. Thus, net taxation would need to be higher to provide the same level of services, or (more likely) the provision of services would fall.
Tanya - PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT - 2003-04-30 23:00:34
Ha, I know all about that, and also know that it's not true. You, me and almost every other working person in America are legally bound to pay taxes. PERIOD. No way out, no way around (legally).

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