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2003-04-30 - 6:34 p.m.

Federal Income Tax: What the Federal Government Doesn't Want You To Know

This information is to educate people on the illegality of the Federal Income Tax. Many people that I have spoken to about this have stated that paying our taxes is a moral duty and that the Federal Government needs our money to pay for Federal Programs that help the Citizens of the USA and its territories. What many people do not know is that when the Federal Income Tax act was brought before congress to be passed, it was supposed to be ratified by all states. This was never accomplished; however, the US Government has been forcing American citizens to pay taxes on their "income" ever since.

What I offer here are documents, reports, and a few other items for your observation. Please feel free to draw your own conclusions.

The following report has links to the IRS 1040 booklet that describes what the IRS defines as INCOME and who should pay taxes on their INCOME. Please be sure to follow all the links to gain a proper perspective of the intent of this report.



The next website is from the foundation called We the People who work to keep the checks and balances between government and the people. Again, please follow the links and view the video provided.

No Answers, No Taxes


The following is an ad that We the People Foundation placed in the USA Today in July of 2000:

On Illegality Of Income Tax


The following is a report that shows the vote process for the Income Tax Amendment and how it was not fully ratified:

Alleged defects in the ratification of the Income Tax Amendment


The following is a report from OriginalIntent.org website:

Federal Income Tax


I hope you will take the time to review these things and as I said before, draw your own conclusions.


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