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Pandionna - 2003-04-21 13:02:48
Bush doesn't want to lift sanctions because the condition for lifting sanctions is that Iraq has been shown to have no weapons of mass destruction. Showing that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction would mean that Bush's foot is in his mouth, because that was the whole reason the bastard picked a fight with Iraq to begin with.
Lori - 2003-04-21 13:13:09
Bingo! You win the first prize of the day. Glad to see some out there are actually getting what is going on. Thanks!
laura - 2003-04-21 15:11:36
It's also a matter of Bush's advisors trying to maintain as much leverage as possible with whatever new government is put into place. The refusal to lift sanctions, or any further delay in doing so, seems a particularly sickening part of a power play that all too clearly exposes the USG's (and other governments') complete indifference to the welfare of the Iraqui people.

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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