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2003-04-21 - 11:24 a.m.

Messy Can of Worms

Guess who Rummy wants to team up with to create regime change in N. Korea? CHINA! China? Aren't they still a communist nation? Hasn't Clinton been smeared for fraternizing with those commies? According to the New York Times, Rummy "circulated to key members of the administration a Pentagon memorandum proposing a radically different approach: the United States, the memo argued, should team up with China to press for the ouster of North Korea's leadership." I don't think that one will work. However, the whole North Korea crisis is causing quite a rift in the Bush Administration. Powell says we should continue talking to North Korea and until they give up their nuclear development, not give them any aid or investments. Others in the Administration think that Bush should give N. Korea a warning that if they do not give up the nuclear development, then they will risk the same fate as Iraq did. Oh this could get ugly.

Bush seems to be "more hopeful" about Syria now that Assad is complying with Bush's wishes. Can one blame Syria? They do not want an invasion or to be bombed into submission. Of course they are going to comply; however, if the Defense Department gets their way, Syria may fall into the same UN sanctions category that Iraq is in. Speaking of Iraqi sanctions, they still haven't been lifted and apparently Bush isn't in any hurry to do so.

There is still a struggle over who will run the new Iraqi government. The Ba'ath party is still around and members are stepping back into some of their former roles, with the approval of the US. Chalabi, the pro-American politician who hasn't been in Iraq in decades, wants the US to stay and occupy Iraq until free elections can be held in about two years. I am sure this will not set too well with most Iraqis who are protesting in the streets for the occupying troops to leave. And then we have another exiled Iraqi, Mohammed Mohsen al-Zubaidi, who appointed himself mayor of Baghdad over the weekend. In a rally speech, he said: "We have met with lawmen to create laws and to open the courts so that life can begin to take on legitimacy.

"The security situation in Baghdad is considered first priority in our agenda."

He added: "I have been chosen as mayor not by America, but legitimately by tribal leaders and educated people, the doctors of the city and other prominent figures. We are not a transitional government. We are an executive committee to run Baghdad."

In further opposition to the US, Mr al-Zubaidi claimed that Iraq’s new constitution would be based on Islamic law and not the democratic model of government insisted by the State Department.

Oh what a messy can of worms the Bush Administration has opened. Guess we will just have to wait and see what develops next.

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