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Sunday, Oct. 05, 2003 - 1:21 p.m.

Has A Holy War Began?

Yesterday, a young Palestinian woman blew herself up along with 19 Israelites, including children. The blame for this rests with both sides of the conflict because neither side is willing to come to the Peace Table and make a commitment to, once and for all, end their killing of one another and learn to live side-by-side.

As a centrist, I am able to see both sides of this conflict. The Israelites are fighting for their right to live in that region and be treated fairly, all the while, surrounded by Muslims on all sides who deny their right to existence. The Palestinians are fighting for the right to live decent lives and be treated fairly and have their own homeland as well.

The question now is why has a conflict between Palestine and Israel spread to Syria? Yes, the Israel military did a night raid on Syria last night, targeting a suspected Islamic Jihad terrorist camp 10 miles from Damascus, the capital of Syria.

There is also something else to consider here, the Bigger Picture, if you will. The Bush Administration has been following recommendations from PNAC. In the report from PNAC, Syria and Iran are also prime targets in the Middle East for US aggression. Since things are going so badly for Bush right now, who better to target one of those two nations than Israel, knowing that if the conflict gets too out of hand, the US will definitely come in to help Israel.

I have been saying since May that Syria would be the next target, and now it has been hit. Perhaps not directly by the US, but the US does support Israel and does supply Israel with most of its weapons.

I am not taking sides in this conflict. I think all sides are wrong AND right in their actions. The murdering must end, on all sides, and peace must be achieved. Until we have people in power who refuse to play the terrorism game and the revenge game, there will never be peace. Many sides in this conflict will see this as a Muslim vs. Jewish and Christian war. I can only imagine that any peace that has existed at all in some Middle Eastern countries, especially among the Muslims, will be strained and tested by this growing problem. Will all Muslims unite against Israel and the US? That remains to be seen.

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