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2003-05-06 - 4:58 p.m.

Unrest brewing in Iraq and At Home

It isn't loyalty to the fallen Saddam that is causing unrest in Iraq. What is causing unrest is the lack of food, water, electricity, clothing, and medical supplies that many Iraqis desperately need. What the people are remembering is that before the US-led invasion, the people had these things under Saddam's rule. They expected more after the "liberation" because they believed the reports coming from the Bush Administration that they would be taken care of until their own government and economy could bounce back. As of yesterday, those promises from the US still aren't being met. Read the following two reports:

Iraqi welcome for US turns to fury
Birth Pangs: As a New Era Dawns in Baghdad, Life Goes On -- Sometimes, Just Barely

If after reading those two reports, you are not as outraged as I am, then your heart is as cold as those in the Bush Administration who destroyed these people's lives and have left them in want.

Although I cannot completely grasp the devastation the Iraqi people are feeling, I can somewhat understand their plight. Bush has deserted these people just as he has deserted his own people here in the US. His constant drum beating for war has left our economy in a shambles, unemployment is rising daily, healthcare for many is barely minimal and non-existent for most, more and more people are standing in welfare lines begging for handouts, our public school systems are failing miserably, and many states are on the brink of or have declared bankruptcy. And all Bush can think to do is give yet another tax cut that will mainly benefit the wealthy 1% of our population.

I can also understand how upset the Iraqi people were when their hospitals, ministries and museums were destroyed and yet the Oil Ministry was under heavy protection. And how they felt when they saw US armed forces securing oil wells while the towns nearby had been bombed and the people were in desperate need of basic supplies to keep their families alive. Here in the US oil has risen to outrageous prices all over the country. Just about every marketable product has risen in cost. And yet Bush is trying to get a bill sent through Congress to destroy the minimum wage laws and change the "over 40 hour" overtime pay law.

The Bush Administration has not only devastated one sovereign country; he has devastated two of them: Iraq and the USA.

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