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2003-04-22 - 12:10 p.m.

In John Kerry's Defense

As most Americans know, Senator John Kerry of MA is running for President. Although Kerry isn't my favorite choice at the moment, mainly because of his connections to the CFR and the Yale Skull and Bones, I do have to jump to his defense concerning an article written in The New American today, entitled Kerry Postures as a War Hero. In the article, John F. McManus writes: Kerry did serve as an officer in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. And he did win a Silver Star and three Purple Hearts. So far, so good. But when he returned home, he became a war protester. In America, of course, everybody is free to agree or disagree with a government policy. But Kerry did not just disagree; he became a leader of groups that championed our nationís foes while our forces were still fighting and dying. McManus even comes close to suggesting that Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), the group that Kerry formed, is linked to the Communist Party of the time because Kerry joined many protests that were funded by the Communist Party.

Ok, let me just set this record straight. We all know now that the Vietnam *conflict* was an atrocity that should never have happened. Many historians have done research into this *conflict* and have proven that it was not only an unjust "war" but that it was politically slanted. Our men should *never* have been there or died there. Kerry realized this after he returned from Vietnam. He figured it out. He realized that this was an unjust war and that we had no business being there. So yes, when he returned home, he protested *against* it. If John Kerry is ashamed for his protesting and wants to hide it from the American public as McManus suggests, then why does he tell about this experience on his John Kerry for President website? This does not sound like someone who feels the need to hide it from the public at all. Granted, Kerry doesn't tell that he was a member of CFR or Skull and Bones on his website, but if you email him or his campaign manager and ask them, they will tell you definitely that he was involved in both. I know this for a fact because I did just that. So Kerry isn't really hiding anything. If anything, he is highlighting certain issues about his life that he finds relative to the circimstances of today. Mainly that we have a man in office who is sending our men and women to die for his causes and yet he was to much of a coward himself to serve in Vietnam and even went AWOL from the Texas National Guards. Kerry served in the military; he knows what conflict looks like; he knows how hard it is on the men and women in uniform, so he has a connection with them. Bush has NO connection whatsoever! All Bush cares about is helping his energy and war machine CEOs get richer off of our dead and wounded soldiers.

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