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2003-03-18 - 11:27 a.m.

:::Prophet Sollog's Latest Prediction:::


History will record the start of WW III as 9/11/2001, which was the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

The MadUS is the GREAT BEAST foretold of by Nostradamus or the Third Anti-Christ, which is George W Bush.

The d in a mirror of time is reversed into a b, so MadUS is MabUS.

Nostradamus foretold MabUS or MadUS would start WW III.

George W Bush is a third generation satanic occultist as a member of Skull and Bones. His hands will cause the death of many in the near future.

Suddam Hussein is also connected to Mabus since his name in a mirror is Mabbus.

BUSh has the BUS in the name (maBUS) that Nostradamus warned of.

BUSh and saddAM spells MABUS. The last two letters of saddAM is MA and the first three letters of BUSh is BUS.


The Presidential election of the US in 2000 will be recorded as the date that the Democracy of the United States ENDED. The only way any nation can be a true DEMOCRACY is by having a leader who was elected by the majority. George W. Bush LOST the popular election, yet he runs the USA. The USA is now not a Democracy. It was DESTROYED in 2000 exactly as I warned in a public court document in 1996 in case 96CV 1499.

George W. Bush chose two key OCCULT DATES to start his WAR with Saddam. March 17th was the 13th moon day of the month of March this year. This 13th day of a full moon is known as a HARVEST MOON and is a key date in occult practice. The full moon is the 18th of March this year and the 19th of March is the 15th day of the moon. The 15th as well as the 13th of a moon in a month was considered in ancient times to be an IDES of a month. Ides of March was the death of Julius Caesar. The 17th and 19th are both IDES of March in 2003 due to a lunar dating.

The 21st of March is the Celtic Spring Equinox and is a Holy Day.

In my past writings I have warned that MabUS or MadUS will attack Saddam on a Friday the 13th, then Saddam will respond to the attack on his country with chemical weapons against Israel.

Friday the 13th was the date I gave years ago for that event.

Friday March 21st 2003 is a dangerous date for Israel, Rome and DC.

In the mirror of time the 21st is 12th in reverse. Friday the 12th is a HIDDEN DATE connected to March 21st which is 1 day off from THE EXACT DATE I gave years ago, if you understand the codes.

In Euro dating Friday the 21st of March is 21/3 so there is a Friday and 13 in the date of Friday 21st of March. Friday the 21st of March and Friday the 13th of June are both dates of DANGER for the world this year!

Time will tell when Bush/Saddam will do what they were created to do, which is to DESTROY MOST OF THE WORLD!

Most of you will soon be dead.

The majority of the rest of you are spiritually dead.

Within a generation 99.9% of humanity will be terminated.

MABUS is in control of your fate and the vast majority of you deserve to be exterminated since mankind is an evil parasitic life form that is filled with evil and hate and will not be allowed to advance beyond this planet due to the inherent EVIL within such a primitive life form.

Man is EVIL as is MABUS.

If you wish to DIE A QUICK DEATH, then continue to live in the targets of future NUKE HITS. The major cities around the world are soon to be wastelands from the horrors of man’s weapons. YOU DESERVE THIS FATE humanity, YOU DEVELOPED THESE HORRIBLE WEAPONS, so most of you shall now die by these weapons.

I have revealed the truth for all to see in the past. I have given exact information about future events as well as simple coded information about future events.

SATAN USA is SUSA, the great beast of the Old Testament.

SUSA will be destroyed, as will most of mankind.

If you wish to survive the near events both Nostradamus and I have foretold, then LEAVE THE LARGE US CITIES IMMEDIATELY.


George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein are soulless evil creatures that were created TO DESTROY most of mankind.

MABUS now controls the earth and the future of humanity has been decided. THERE IS NO FUTURE for 99.9% of you.

THE GREAT QUAKE shall occur soon to possibly delay the actions of MABUS until June…

Written by Sollog

The Word of One


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