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2003-03-05 - 7:29 p.m.

:::News and Tidbits:::

Some humorous and unusual photos of the pResident in office:

Bushie Photos


News Flash: The Mass Media are Nothing More than NWO Puppets

Cliff Patterson writes: Turn on your television for a bit of news and what you will get are soulless robots giving the daily propaganda reports. The news anchors and reporters people turn to for an honest analysis of the happenings in the world are merely pimps for the New World Order. Their job is to sell you the lies and disinformation that the globalists need the general public to believe as fact. The “news” as we know it is nothing more than another scripted television event just like its sitcom partners.

click on the link to read the full report.


The Federalist Paper Shell Game: Which Shell are Your Liberties Under?

Tom Johannsen writes: JOHN ASHCROFT, as a U.S. senator, opposed the Clinton administration's request for broadened authority to eavesdrop on high-tech communications. From his Aug. 12, 1997 op-ed piece in the Washington Times, "Welcoming Big Brother" Ashcroft says: "The Clinton administration's paranoid and prurient interest in (monitoring) international e-mail is a wholly unhealthy precedent especially given this administration's track record on FBI files and IRS snooping. Every medium by which people communicate can be subject to exploitation by those with illegal or immoral intentions. Nevertheless, this is no reason to hand Big Brother the keys to unlock our e-mail diaries, open our ATM records or translate our international communications." http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2002/11/29/ED82613.DTL%20

Mr. Ashcroft; who in 1997 vehemently opposed the unconstitutional intrusion into rights of all Americans suddenly had a change of heart. Today Attorney General Ashcroft has no problem meeting and exceeding the tyranny he is on the record blasting Clinton for in 1997. Oh! The irony of it all.

Of course 9/11 changed things so the General had good reason. Right?

click on the link to read the full report.


More information on the PATRIOT ACT II:

A Trial Balloon? - "Five to Ten Times Worse Than the Patriot Act"

Excerpt: With more than twenty U.S. cities having passed resolutions openly opposing the multiple civil liberties violations in the 2001 Patriot Act, and as the state of New Mexico debates legislation that would encourage police agencies to avoid violations of the First Amendment, the recent leak of a secret Bush administration bill that would further erode civil liberties has provoked a bizarre tale of denials and "non responses" by the administration. Thus far the saga of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 - commonly known as Patriot II - suggests that the leak of the proposed legislation was possibly a "trial balloon" or "tester" to gauge both public and congressional reaction to a bill that, if passed, would grant the federal government drastic new powers in a continuing erosion of the Bill of Rights.


US Judge Rejects Legal Bid To Block Iraq War

Excerpt: BOSTON (Reuters) - A federal judge on Monday rejected a legal bid by a group of U.S. soldiers and some members of the U.S. Congress to keep President Bush from ordering an invasion of Iraq without formal congressional approval, saying the court had no business getting involved at this stage.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro ruled that a federal court can judge the war policies of political branches of government only when actions taken by Congress and the president are in conflict -- a situation that does not exist today.

The civil lawsuit, brought by three members of the military, six parents of U.S. troops and six members of Congress, sought an injunction to stop potential U.S. military action on the grounds that only Congress has the right to declare war.

click on the link to see the full article/


I am not sure if I have posted this yet; however, if I did, it deserves a second posting, at least until everyone I know has looked at this website and reviewed this information:


Excerpt: Since the Persian Gulf War, the term "New World Order" has become well-known. However, there has never really been an explanation as to what the term meant, only that it represented a new spirit of cooperation among the nations of the world in order to further the cause of peace. And peace is good, so therefore the New World Order is good and should be accepted. Not so fast. Like the old saying, you can't tell a book by its cover, there is more here than meets the eye.

Click on the link to see the full details of this website.


Interesting website:

Media Transparency: The Money Behind the Media


Two men driving Bush into war

Ed Vulliamy writes: Behind President George W. Bush's charge to war against Iraq, there is a carefully devised mission, drawn up by people who work over the shoulders of those whom America calls 'The Principals'.

Lurking in the background behind Bush, his Vice-President, Dick Cheney, and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are the people propelling US policy. And behind them, the masterminds of the Bush presidency as it arrived at the White House from Texas, are Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.

Click the link to read the full article.


In the Time of Disappeared People Patriot II means Permanent National Emergency

Excerpt: The Bush men have obviously been pondering the imposition of Permanent National Emergency for as long as they have been planning Permanent War. The discovery of a draft of the so-called Patriot Act II, rushed forward by Bush's national security conspirators in January for review by their allies on Capitol Hill, presents the public with a warning of - but not a defense against - a cunningly devised blueprint for the modern, total police state. Combined with the Patriot I, enacted immediately after September 11 by a nearly unanimous Congress, and through gross distortions of existing conspiracy laws plus the catch-22s of secrecy, Patriot II is the perfect tool to "disappear" any number of human beings for any reason to any place for any length of time.

Bush's Enemy List


If you are planning on joining the March 15th March on Washington DC, you may want to join up with International A.N.S.W.E.R. You can get more information at the following website:

International A.N.S.W.E.R.: March on Washington DC, March 15th


13 Myths About the Case For War With Iraq

Myth 1: Removing Saddam Will Punish 9/11 Perpetrators
Myth 2: Powell Presented Strong Evidence at UN
Myth 3: Saddam May Soon Threaten US
Myth 4: Experts 'Discover' Prohibited Missile
Myth 5: Bin Laden Tape Proves Iraq Connection
Myth 6: Iraq Still Has Large Nuclear Program
Myth 7: If US Pulls Out Now, It Looks Bad
Myth 8: A Cheap, Easy War
Myth 9: Wartime Press is Free and Unbiased
Myth 10: Goal is to Free Iraqis, Not to Grab Oil
Myth 11: War Solves the Energy Crisis
Myth 12: UN Commitments Don't Really Matter
Myth 13: Protesting a War is Unpatriotic

Click on the link to read all of these myths.


Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: North America


The Pashtun prophet who shapes U.S. policy

BARRIE McKENNA writes: When U.S. President George W. Bush needed help on how to overthrow the Taliban, rebuild Afghanistan, plan for an Iraq without Saddam Hussein and arm-twist Turkey, Zalmay Khalilzad was there.

The Afghan-born Mr. Khalilzad, the highest-ranking Muslim in the Bush administration, has quietly emerged as a key architect of Washington's ambitious plans for remaking the political landscape of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia.

This week, Mr. Khalilzad led a historic U.S. mission into Kurdish- controlled northern Iraq for a summit of Iraqi opposition leaders. Making a dramatic arrival at the Kurdish resistance's mountain stronghold of Salahuddin, along with an entourage of heavily armed U.S. agents, he laid out the Bush administration's vision of a prosperous and democratic post- Saddam Iraq.

"The horrors of the past will become a memory," Mr. Khalilzad assured the 56 opposition delegates assembled there. "A new Iraq will join the family of nations."

Click on the link to read the full story.


This is an excellent idea from a member of one of the political groups I belong to:

A Call For Resistance

These high prices for gas would also be an excellent time to drive home an idea with people for using a lot less gas in general. Lets face it, if there is going to be any meaningful turn around in this country it HAS to come from the will of everyday people like you and I. This is the perfect time to reignite a drive for conservation. How? Take a neighbor shopping. Ask a neighbor if you can get them something while out shopping. Get everything you need for the week in a single trip, instead of a half dozen trips to 7-11 for a "packa smokes."

Overly simplistic? Not really, all it takes is for we Americans to get out of our self imposed "shells," which makes us way too easily manipulated by those who are way too ready to do just that. That is why fear works so well in America because we are an island nation (figuritively), all isolated from each other. Wouldn't it be great to know we are helping ourselves by helping our neighbors as well? America no matter how you slice it, is being held by the throat by oil. And it is only going to get worse.

My question is, will we finally stop being afraid and work together when gas is $10.00 a gallon, or are we willing to help ourselves before that point? No help is ever going to come from Washington, those days are over and all but a faded memory. We really need to generate "warm fuzzies" at a one to one level. This war crap and fear mongering is not only polarizing America, it is tearing the heart right out of our humanity. Are we destined to be a nation of people so fear driven all we will have to talk about is how many guns and how many rolls of duct tape we own?


When Hussein Was Our Ally

Excerpt: Iraq: Newly released documents reveal U.S. talk of regime change in the early 1980s - except then it was language condemning Iran for attempting to overthrow the government in Baghdad.

In an interview Tuesday with the Arab-language television network Al-Jazeera, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld laid out again the case for war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Among other crimes, he said, Iraq "used chemical weapons on its neighbor Iran."

The defense secretary has reason to remember that crime. It was taking place in December 1983, when Rumsfeld met with Hussein as a special envoy of President Ronald Reagan. But his mission then was to improve U.S.-Iraqi relations, assure Hussein that Iran was their common enemy and promote an oil pipeline project.

Click the link to read the rest of this report.

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