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2003-02-22 - 12:25 a.m.

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Articles of Interest


The mystery behind the hoax

Slightly old news, but hey! I haven't reported it here yet, so it is new-to-me news (laughs):

Group to File Suit Challenging Bush's Authority to Declare War


President Bush does not have the authority to launch a military invasion of Iraq without a congressional declaration of war, according to a lawsuit expected to be filed in federal court in Boston on Thursday.

Six members of Congress, three U.S. servicemen and the parents of other U.S. military personnel said on Wednesday they would file the lawsuit that claims any U.S. invasion of Iraq without congressional authority would be unconstitutional.

The plaintiffs, led by U.S. Reps. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, claim that the congressional declaration on Iraq last October did not specifically declare war and unlawfully gave Bush the right to make that decision, attorney John Bonifaz said.

Special Report: Control, fear, and the New World Order

Part 1: Carnegie Mellon University and the federalization of academia

Part 2: A dialogue with activist Carol Brouillet about the federalization of academia

Mohamed Atta and Rudi Dekkers Seen Together in Venice in Weeks Before Sept. 11 Attack

Fox News: The Network America Trusts (to pay Saddam)

This article is also new-to-me news, but it is a very interesting article on why so many people turned up last weekend for the peace marches:

From the great Cartoonist, Milt Priggee:

Feb. 21

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