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2003-02-19 - 11:31 p.m.

:::Newscap for the Day:::

Lying Us Into War: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"

And Bush still insists we won this war? Taliban volunteers joining resistance

Democracy in the new Iraq is a myth

US names its choice to succeed Saddam

A little humor, interactive game: Gulf War 2

Conspiracy Theory? You decide: CONCENTRATION CAMPS ON U.S. SOIL

Budget Woes: In a Bad State

COSMIC COSTING: Everything You Need to Know But Forgot to Ask

Editorial from Columnist Charley Reese: Hard To Believe

More possibilities of the WTC collapse on 911: THE SPLIT-SECOND ERROR: EXPOSING THE WTC BOMB PLOT

More information on Ashcroft's proposal for Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003: Official Terror Worse than 'Night and Fog'

Google deserves your nomination

for Big Brother of the Year

Turks and Saudis take firm stance over Iraq


TWO of the countries whose support is considered crucial in any future military campaign against Iraq yesterday warned Britain and the United States they would not support any attack that did not have the backing of the United Nations.

Saudi Arabia said it would regard any action without UN backing as a war of aggression which could destabilise the whole of the Middle East, and Turkey made it clear that even an 18 billion aid package might not be enough to persuade it to join in an unsanctioned campaign.

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