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2003-03-31 - 6:39 p.m.

:::Are They Worried About This War?:::

Does this look like the face of a man worried about war?

President George W. Bush shakes hands with U.S. Coast Guard personnel after speaking about homeland security at the port in Philadelphia, March 31, 2003. Bush said U.S.-led forces had made significant progress in the opening days of war in Iraq and cited freeing the Iraqi people as a main reason for war after months of emphasizing the need to disarm Saddam Hussein. Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters

How about this face? Worried?

Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks at the State Department in Washington, March 31, 2003. Powell will visit Turkey and Belgium this week in an attempt to patch up relations with Turkey and explain U.S. plans for Iraq to European allies, the State Department said on Monday. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Even if those two don't look worried, the following are reasons why the rest of us should:

A wounded Iraqi girl is treated by U.S. marines in central Iraq March 29, 2003. Confused front line crossfire ripped apart an Iraqi family on Saturday after local soldiers appeared to force civilians towards U.S. marines positions. The four-year old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her dead mother, while her father, shot in a leg, begged to be freed from the plastic wrist cuffs slapped on him by U.S. marines, so he could hug his other terrified daughter. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

U.S. soldiers stretchers a wounded comrade at the U.S. airbase of Ramstein in Germany, March 24, 2003. The United States is prepared to pay a 'very high price' in terms of casualties to capture Baghdad and oust President Saddam Hussein, a senior official of the U.S. Central Command said March 31. Photo by Michael Dalder/Reuters

An Iraqi boy searches inside the ruins of a farm in the village of al-Madaan, about six miles southeast of Baghdad, March 31, 2003. The farm was hit by a missile, leaving 17 people dead and 10 injured, Iraqi officials said. Photo by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Iraqi civilians flee the city of Basra in southern Iraq, in this photograph released March 31, 2003. While some people have left the city, most residents have stayed put and say pro-Saddam militias are operating in Basra confidently or firing at U.S. and British troops from sprawling shanty towns around the city. REUTERS/POOL/Tony Nicoletti

Smoke billows from a building hit during an air raid in Baghdad March 31, 2003. U.S. forces ramped up the pressure on President Saddam Hussein on Monday, blasting Baghdad with powerful air strikes and probing closer to the capital. Three huge explosions shook central Baghdad in the afternoon. One hit a presidential palace used by Saddam's son Qusay, who commands the elite Republican Guards. (Reuters)

An Iraqi boy sits near the body of his brother lying in a casket prior to his funeral after the US-led bombing. Photo: AFP

Iraq War and Protest Pictures

Latest picture of bombing in Baghdad.

An Iraqi firefighter walks through a damaged area in Baghdad /AP
Iraq claims 36 people were killed in Baghdad and 215 others were injured on Wednesday as a result of coalition attacks on the capital.

Iraqis struggle to get supplies from a trailer brought to Safwan, Iraq /AP
The first humanitarian aid shipment bound for Iraq has been delayed by 24 hours.

Night attacks continue from the Royal Artillery in southern Iraq /AP
More than 20 Arab countries and 115 other nations have demanded an end to the US-led war against Iraq.

Karachi University students burn American and Israeli flags /AP
More than 1,000 demonstrators in a Pakistani city have burned US and British flags, and shopkeepers said they will boycott American products to protest the war in Iraq.

The scene in Baghdad after 2 cruise missiles hit a residential area, according to Iraqi officials /AP
Iraqi officials say many people have been killed by a coalition air strike on a busy market in Baghdad.

A Young girl's school hit by an Allied bombing attack.

More damage in Bagdhad during an Allied bombing attack.

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