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2003-03-29 - 4:07 a.m.

:::Who Is John Kerry?:::

This page is dedicated to bringing you all the news on John Kerry who is a Democratic Hopeful for the 2004 Presidential Race


Note: John Kerry is also a member of the Yaley Skull and Bones fraternity. This information is by no means used to discredit Senator John Kerry. However, I believe we all deserve the right to know what kind of organizations Presidential hopefuls belong to and what those organizations stand for. (Side note: President George W. Bush, Former President George H.W. Bush and Dick Cheney are also Skull and Bonesmen) For more information on Skull and Bones, please visit the following websites:

Skull & Bones
JeremiahProject: Skull and Bones Society
Skull and Bones: a capsule history and an intimate peek at one section of the US Ruling Class
Secrets of the Tomb

::Important Issues::

Agriculture and Rural America
The American Labor Movement
Campaign Finance Reform
Consumer Privacy
Civil Rights
Foreign Policy & Defense
Americans with Disabilities
Economic Policy
Environment and Energy Policy
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Health Care
Senior Citizens
Small Business
Technology and the New Economy
Urban Renewal
Women's Issues


::John Kerry In the News::

::How to Contact John Kerry::

::Campaign Bumperstickers and Buttons::

You can get campaign bumperstickers and buttons for John Kerry at the following websites:
Yellow Dog Democratic Headquarters

Note: I will be updating this page with more items at a later date


John Kerry: Latest News

Touché! Kerry fires back at Bush camp

Responding to a taunt by the White House that he ``looks French,'' U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday brushed off the political insult - saying it's part of an expected barrage of Republican attacks on his character.

``It means the White House has started the politics of personal destruction,'' Kerry said of the comment by an unnamed Bush adviser.

Wife's jet gives Kerry great lift along trail: Candidate reimburses fares

WASHINGTON - White House hopeful Sen. John F. Kerry hitched a ride for 20 flights aboard his wife Teresa Heinz's corporate jet on the presidential campaign trail this year.

Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign committee wrote checks totaling $39,781 for use of the jet during the first three months of 2003, according to a Herald review of the federal campaign report the senator filed this week. Overall, the Massachusetts Democrat's campaign spent $2 million over the past three months, outpacing all his Democratic rivals.

On Iowa stump, Kerry revels in Kennedy ties

WASHINGTON - Introducing himself to a crowd of Democrats gathered in an Iowa home recently, Sen. John F. Kerry joked he comes from Massachusetts, an Indian name meaning ``Land of many Kennedys.''

During his three-day campaign swing last week, the presidential hopeful did not shy away from references to the famous clan that produced the last Bay State Democrat to occupy the Oval Office.

In fact, Kerry embraced their liberal legacy and cast himself in the tradition of former presidents from John Adams to Franklin Roosevelt, while also playing up his own dramatic life story.

Kerry rips Bush for `breaking' campaign promises

DES MOINES, Iowa - Sen. John F. Kerry charged President Bush yesterday with breaking ``almost every promise'' he made during the 2000 presidential campaign.

Speaking to a group of Democratic women leaders at a breakfast here, the presidential hopeful slammed Bush for going back on his word on several pledges he made as a candidate.

``He broke the promise about not raiding Social Security, he broke the promise about being able to afford the tax cut without going into deficit, he broke the promise about giving us prescription drugs, he broke the promise about balancing the budget,'' Kerry said.

``The one promise he's kept is cutting the taxes, to the exclusion of everything else,'' he added.

War clouds hang over Kerry campaign stop in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA - Sen. John F. Kerry wanted to talk education as he visited an elementary school on the campaign trail yesterday - but media questions about the war pulled him away.

After a tour of Johnson School of the Arts here, the presidential hopeful said the voters he is courting want him to keep talking about education, the economy and health care despite the war.

``This is a democracy here in the United States and we have an election, folks,'' he told reporters. ``You could be at war a year from now. Are we going to put the election on hold? Of course not. . . . Let's not have a lot of phony arguments here about what we can and can't talk about.''

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