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licalicious - 2003-10-03 23:51:08
I feel that this entry could not be more eloquently put... I love the mix of humor and the obviously oblivious. I am encouraged finding so many (including you) whose perception of reality is more objective, or if not completely objective, at least deviant from the American robot society that prevelates. My journal is mish-mash, but check it out, and send me a note.
Sugar-llama - 2003-10-04 02:41:02
Thats was one of the funniest, yet down to earth and bright, poems I have ever read on the interent. You have a beautiful writing style, I love the spoof of psalms while stating your opinions openly. I also love your opinions and agree with licalicious in that I love to see that hte "American Robot" is being fought, by real people with real brains, and real opinions. Please keep writing.
steph - 2003-10-04 03:15:51
I love that! It's wonderfully written with nice undertones of obvious sarcasm [I think that's what you'd call it.. not cynicism..]

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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