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Chucklehead - 2003-10-03 11:59:03
It's all of the above that the author whines about what makes America great. If a woman has the right to end the life of her unborn, then I should have the right to carry my Glock wherever it is legal to do so. Firearms don't make criminals. It's the crack and heroin crazed lunatics desperate to feed their addictions who would just as soon use a broken 40oz malt liquor bottle as a firearm to achieve the ends to their means. And no amount of liberal bellyaching is going to improve the situation. War is historically inevitable; might as well be the best at it. There is no second place, and there will always be violent struggles for limited resources. And as long as citizens of this country opt to spend $50+billion dollars a year on illegal drugs, which no doubt lends to unwanted pregnancies, violent crime, and even war (Columbia for example) spending an additional $80 billion or so of taxpayer dollars to clean up the results of liberal appeasement policies doesn't sound so bad after all. As far as being able to rise up against your government, do it from the inside out. Your weapons are useless against them.

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