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Isabelle - 2003-07-27 16:04:12
I hope you feel better soon, I want you to know that I love reading your diary, it's very informative, and I love how we share the same views. Thanks so much, and have a great vacation! -Isabelle
Tom Osborne - 2003-07-27 16:50:49
For what it's worth, I think you are doing the exact right thing. Whenever and however you come out the other side, and whatever you decide to do THEN, please let all your adoring fans know, okay?
red-wine - 2003-07-27 16:58:04
Best of you luck to you, brilliant lady! Please feel better soon.
ExodusNights - 2003-07-27 22:15:30
Do take care, will you? We'll all miss you.
lifequest - 2003-07-28 00:04:31
Dear Ravyne, Yours is the diary I go to first every day to read. You'll be missed. I hope you feel better soon.
AW - 2003-07-28 03:00:47
best wishes. a vacation will do you good. dont worry, there is always hope, i'm sure that even if you keep reading about all this bad stuff by sharing your letting other people know and the more people know the more chance things will change.
jessica lovejoy - 2003-07-28 07:36:45
BOO. You'll be missed, and I really hope you feel better. I guess I'll have to check all the diaries you've recommended for my daily fix, so I don't go through truth withdrawal. :)
Kelly - 2003-07-28 14:52:56
Take some time to rest that weary mind of yours. With all this unrest in the world, it won't help if you're constantly trying to fight it. Let us fight it for you, for a while.
gutterpoet - 2003-07-29 10:31:49
Please take care and I hope all goes well. I've kind of taken the summmer off from a lot of stuff myself. Get some rest and relax and I look forward to your eventual return. gpoet

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