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lifequest - 2003-07-16 19:20:15
Both of the articles which are critical of Howard Dean, focus on his pro-Israeli attitude in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Stephen Zunes, of the second artice, is obviously pro-Palistinian, and this is his basis for criticism of Dean. How can anyone support a group of people whose political policy is to send suicide bombers into Israel to kill innocent civilians? How can that create anything but hard line opposition? What they desperately need is a non-violent policy, ala Ghandi or Martin Luther King, but that does not seem to be part of the middle eastern mindset. After all the years of violence they've created their own violent world for themselves. How else do you deal with cold blooded killers? I am proud to be a liberal, and I support Howard Dean's policy. To call it "right wing" as Zunes does, is simply a distortion from his pro-Palistinian stance.
ExodusNights - 2003-07-16 21:49:23
Oh dear. Don't get me started on the Israel-Palestine war. Suicide bombers indeed. How about the many years occupation of Palestinian territories - against more than one UN mandate? What about the oppression, insult, and harassment of the Palestinian people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? Where is the Palestinian military that could "legitimately" fight back against Israel's oppression? Oh yeah, not allowed, by mandate of Israel's oppression. You call them cold blooded killers, but it was Israel that bombed a SCHOOL FOR BLIND GIRLS in one of the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. The problem is with the Palestinian Intifada - a rebel group, not part of the official Palestinian viewpoint. If there was a rebel group in your country, would you shell all neighbouring civilian areas? Would you kill innocent men, women and children? I thought as much.
ExodusNights - 2003-07-16 21:53:28
Violence is met with violence. That certainly isn't right, but it was Israel who originally, and illegally, annexed and dominated parts of Palestine. They fought back the only way they could.

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