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ExodusNights - 2003-07-15 11:31:39
It's good to hear about something other than the Iraq war, even if it is still a frightening and disgusting Bush-related cover-up. Some people are starting to get the idea that your president only made a mistake with his information about and handling of Iraq - but there's a lot more to the administration that meets the eye. Take a look at - a website by Jewish authors damning the Israeli occupation of Palestine; there's some very interesting information on the US support and involvement of Israel. I thought Bush wanted to push for peace? I didn't know that apaches and missiles and explosives were peaceful.
Ralph - 2003-07-15 14:29:52
When you follow the link to this article on Slate, right next to it is another good article called "The Buck Stops There" about how Bush tries to shift the blame for his policies, after his pre-election pledge of "an era of responsibility." It's worth reading too, and is at It's also full of links to the supporting evidence. It's great that the mainstream media is finally beginning to see the deception and irresponsibility of this administration, at long last, hopefully before they have totally destroyed our future.
Pandionna - 2003-07-15 14:42:45
The budget deficit for this year is projected to be $455 billion. Yeah. I about threw up, too.
gutterpoet - 2003-07-15 17:14:04
I think here (the economy)is the place for the dems to focus on if they want to get Bush. He is outspending any and all Democratic Presidents before him and the deficit is rising. Those who decide elections (the middle of the roaders)think with their bank accounts more than any single issue. But man oh man they better do better than Howard Dean! gp

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