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red-wine - 2003-07-12 13:24:22
Oooh, no. He's not getting off that easy. He considers it closed? Well, I consider myself the crown princess of Uruguay. Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which fills up faster.
jewelofpain - 2003-07-12 16:18:53
I really enjoyed your rant. it's unbelieveable how many people are oblivious to what the HELL our President who is supposed to be looking out for US has his own agenda. Keep waking people up.
lauraleigh - 2003-07-13 00:37:03
i'm impressed. thank you.
violetecho - 2003-07-13 03:20:42
Thank you! finally ther is some one out there who isnt blinded by coporate news propaganda! hurray!
minyoo - 2003-07-13 03:33:30
Bush considers it closed. He urges people to "move on." See what the Republicans did to Clinton for having a blowjob. And now look at this, after killing countless lives. Bush "considers it closed." Disgraceful jerk. The only reason I don't actually want him impeached is that Cheney would be the president...But we could impeach them both, can't we? And then impeach Hastert? (At least Powell is somewhat deal-able.)
ExodusNights - 2003-07-13 11:03:40
Did anyone else notice this little gem? "Yes I do, absolutely," Bush said. "I've got confidence in George Tenet. I've got confidence in the men and women who work at the CIA and I look forward to working with them as we win this war on terror." Am I completely misunderstanding this, or is Georgie B STILL trying to link Iraq to 9/11? My Gods, what is WRONG with that man?
Aaron - 2003-07-13 13:02:17
I recommend the Toronto Star ( for news about this'll read about things at least a day in advance, as American media try not to report anything until it appears too big to ignore. And where did the myth of "liberal media" come from?
Destiny In NOLA - 2003-07-13 13:22:07
I am wondering if you have gotten any responses from your letter writing campaign, and if so, the nature of the responses...I am starting to think there may have to be a march on Washington for everyone to realize the number of embittered citizens.
ExodusNights - 2003-07-13 22:10:16
I agree with Aaron, and the Globe and Mail ( is also pretty good, though more on the conservative rather than the liberal side of things. Torontonian newspapers aren't fettered with the soft-core censorship often associated with your media, so they can be interestingly informative and less biased.
Destiny In NOLA - 2003-07-14 03:54:36
When I asked about responses, I was wondering if you got any responses from Washington, or from any elected officials you have written to.
Pandionna - 2003-07-14 13:56:39
I'm with red-wine. That bastard may consider the issue closed, but we don't. If there is any shred of democracy left in this country, the people will have the final say. And the people are angry. Very, very angry.
helderheid - 2003-07-14 14:41:00
Oh the issue is so not closed.

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