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Ralph - 2003-07-04 18:28:49
Dear Ravyne, Today when I went to read your website, I was delighted that there were a bunch of good articles to click to. But then I found that I couldn't just click each one and get them each in a separate window, like I could with your previous template just after I suggested that change (target="_blank") to you. Each new one I clicked overlayed the previous one, only leaving one new window. And once I'd disconnected, I couldn't back through them without going back online to get each one of them. So I was frustrated that I could no longer just read down through your text, clicking on the links as I got to them, clix you at the end, then go offline and read the articles at my leisure, with my telephone line thus freed up. I wondered what had been changed. So I viewed your HTML, and found the difference. Previously, you had used the target="_blank" format after the href that I had suggested, which had created a separate window for each link, which meant I could disconnect, freeing up my phone line, and read each article offline. Now, I notice, you are using the target="_new" statement, which evidently only creates one new window, which is then overlaid with each new article, which in my view defeats the original purpose of not having to stay online to read the articles. And I wonder what prompted this change, whether it was you, or perhaps windshadow? At any rate, in the interest of convenience to your faithful readers, I hope you will go back to using the target="_blank" format from now on. Thanks, Ralph

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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