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jessica *WMD* lovejoy - 2003-06-26 09:57:18
I get it-- look for weapons under the *Bushes*. Heehee.
Liastnir - 2003-06-26 11:24:18
Thats even assuming that the cylinders found are Iraqi. At this point, I cant put it past our government to have planted (pun intended) them!
Ravyne - 2003-06-26 15:23:28
Oh how love my witty friends! I am glad I wasn't the only one seeing some humor in that story!
red-wine - 2003-06-26 15:39:44
After hearing the snippet about the roses last night (and how they're not a "smoking gun"...hardehar, Brokaw, you're a card) I found myself humming "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" off and on for the rest of the evening.

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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