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Chucklehead - 2003-06-24 09:28:18
I read somewhere the reason our troops sprayed the Iraqi protesters with hot lead is that they are prohibited by UN or Geneva Convention rules from using tear gas, which is a form of chemical weapon. So when it comes to controlling the mob, power flows from the barrel of a gun. I really love your blog. I drives me crazy to read it, but I guess it balances things out in my head. Thanks!
jessica *WMD* lovejoy - 2003-06-24 09:44:12
My sign said "BUSH LEAVES NO MILLIONAIRE BEHIND" -- and I even got the cops to agree with me (though they were probably just flirting). I thought Docs took at oath to always help-- the US Army *overrides* that?!
minyoo - 2003-06-24 10:40:48
hahah. JL. I love your sign. It explains the gist of the administration.

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