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ken - 2003-06-22 06:36:11
See, it doesn't matter who's president from here on it out. It won't get better. They've already passed the patriot act. Before we know it they'll actually recognize the fourth branch of government. (executive, legislative, judicial, and information control, or whatever fancy word they come up with). I don't care about Bush. In a better world not only would he fall flat on his face, he'd never have been elected. This isn't a better world. That said, I admire your resolve. Peace.
jessica lovejoy - 2003-06-22 12:42:35
Whatever happened to "liberal Hollywood"? They seem to have been gagged for questioning the Iraqi debacle- now, when we need them most... a made for TV movie, starring OJ Simpson as G.W.B. called "Getting Away with It" Heehee. Also, it's the give up & give in attitude that is to BLAME for our situation! -JL (Ps. Love yr poster idea- I'll let you know what happens!)
lifequest - 2003-06-22 13:12:06
Good stuff, as usual, Ravyne. But I can't find your Clix button with this new layout.
tigerknight - 2003-06-23 08:25:27
Generally agree. On Iran, the "fair" elections leave something to be desired: remember, the Guardian Council clears all the candidates, that the Supreme Leader is not elected (parallel to a system in which a Secretary of State, but not a President, since President Khatami has somewhat more influence in int'l affairs but very little authority at home). On "stabilizing" Afghanistan, Iran's "contribution" has been covert and overt support for Ismail Khan, the so-called "good" warlord who upon reclaiming power in northwestern Afghanistan, proceeded to ban Afghan women from working with NGOs and to arrest/harass certain Afghan journalists. As for the nukes themselves, Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty. The best way to view the entire nuclear scenario is not through the U.S. prism of "invade first, ask questions later," but through an internal power struggle between a popular, democratically elected leader (Khatami) and the old guard revolutionaries: by publicizing Iran's nuclear program, Khatami is trying to strengthen his hand against this group. It's a dangerous game, but in this one, his life has always been on the line, as well as the lives of the democratically-minded followers from Iranian civil society. American intervention complicates things a great deal for them: my deepest hopes for their success (and on our part, we'd best take a very nuanced position as activists with concerns so that we don't mis-state our position).
Karen - 2003-06-23 20:50:41
While I in no way would ever defend Dubya and find your synopsis of this upcoming flick to be nauseating if true, I must say this is hardly the first time Hollywood has been used for its propganda abilities. It's been going on since the dawn on film. Sadly, this is probably the version of history most Americans will remember in the end.

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