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jessica lovejoy - 2003-06-10 18:15:23
(For once!) I disagree with you about the $$ for Iraq: though I wish we hadn't gone in at all, and though I doubt the $ will be spent wisely, I DO think we'll need to spend a hella lot on reconstruction. We didn't in Afghanistan, and now look at it. While most of the $ should come from Iraq's resources, I think it's only fair that the USA pay for some of the *damage* we caused (to the infrastructure and the physical structures). Yah, it sucks and yah we need the $ here-- but now that we started, we need to finish the job. Of course I doubt that will actually happen...not w/ assholes like these in charge. Of course, Im w/ you on everything else :) -jl
Ravyne - 2003-06-10 19:24:56
I know we need to rebuild Iraq because of the damage caused there, but if I could still decide where my tax dollars go FIRST, it would be to people I know who are and have been out of work for almost 2 years now. Let these wealthy friends of Bush's pay to have Iraq rebuilt.
gutterpoet - 2003-06-10 21:37:21
I agree that since Bush promised the WMD's would be found that he MUST be accountable if they are not. I would allow reasonable time but the clock is ticking.
jessica lovejoy - 2003-06-10 22:37:21
What? *Wealthy* folks pay? Horrors! Oh, don't you know that being rich means yr somehow better and *deserve* the $$, (even if you did nothing right except be born to rich parents)? Heehee. Anyway, I doubt the people of Iraq will ever be compensated for all the shit they've suffered. And yr right that THEIR taxes should pay, but not because Iraq is an unworthy cause-- because THEY'RE to blame. Let's take it out of Cheney, Dub & Co.'s *personal* wealth. I'm sure they could swing it. -jl
eyesopen - 2003-06-11 13:06:51
That article on "The Duping of America" by Maureen Farrell is great. I wish all Americans could read it and perhaps wake up to what is going on.
Karen - 2003-06-11 14:03:38
re "Yes They Were! No They Weren't!": Bush himself, along with Tony Blair, admitted Iraq had no ties to Al Qaeda before they figured out they would have to use that angle as part of their justification for war. Check out my entry here:
Ravyne - 2003-06-12 18:25:07
Actually you are wrong Pork Tornado, their unemployment benefits are paying. Money they have paid into all the years they worked. So please stop with the "I am sick of paying for lazy people" BS. These are people who worked hard all their lives in fields that they paid their own way through college for and excelled in their careers until the economy tanked. I am so sick of you rightwingers! And for your information, they are unemployed in THEIR FIELD. They are working suck-ass jobs as they can get them through temp agencies until something in their field comes up. But technically, they are still considered unemployed because they cannot get full-time jobs. Get all the facts before making such harsh and cruel judgements. Someday you may be in the same position. Would you want people responding about your situation the way you did about these people I know?

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