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Pandionna - 2003-05-21 00:36:59
See, with all of this great information at everyone's fingertips, this is just further proof that Americans don't read. That's the only possible explanation for American complacency with this information being out there.
P.S. - 2003-05-21 00:37:22
Right back at ya!
gutterpoet - 2003-05-21 08:25:38
eh, Derber's article is interesting, but flawed in it's slant. I also think it disingenuous to call a increase of say 5% instead of 6% a "cut" in anything. The government just needs to get out of the way and let the people who drive the economy, us, take the wheel. As terrible as I think the Bush economic plan has been so far, I'll take it any day over what I've heard from the freaks currently campaigning on the Democratic side for '04. And that's sad. God help us all.

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