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natchez - 2003-05-16 01:32:01
wow. you do some heavy duty research to back up your points, and you have 100% of my respect for that. i'm really impressed. i think about those things all the time--about how we, americans, are lied too about everything, and we can't even trust those ruling our country. it is such a scarey thought. we don't really know what's happening---we don't know anything!! a while back, i did a huge report on the conspiracies about jfk's assasination, and it opened my eyes to the lies we are being fed everyday. but it's disappointing to think we can't do anything about it; we just have to stay firm in our beliefs, but we can't stop the government from hiding things from us. sorry, this was so long. it is just such a controversial issue. kudos on your diary and keep it up--i really appreciate diaries like yours. check mine out sometime.
rainyskyes - 2003-05-16 04:44:08
*sigh* This is so depressing and infuriating. I can't believe they can get away with these lies. It's all about oil, we should have known. It's all so so sad. I hate being lied to. Especially by my own government.
gutterpoet - 2003-05-16 08:05:50
hmmm. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but regardless interesting to read and well put together by you as always. :) But we all have our jihads. Mine is against a conspiracy of the democrats and the republicans to steal over half of what we earn, then after most of it dissapears into a black hole, they return a paltry percentage to us and want to be applauded for what they "give" us. Until we have a government accountable to the people we will never really be free again.
Chucklehead - 2003-05-16 11:30:09
MMMMMM.....tasty oil makes my H2 run so gooood! I don't need to be lied to to need an excuse to annihilate rugheads. Blood makes the grass grow, B52's make the blood flow. One shot, one kill. Hooyah! I'm hungry.
Ravyne - 2003-05-16 12:04:19
re:Chucklehead's comment - people like that really makes me ill. Proves to me that abortion should remain legal and used often
Karen - 2003-05-16 17:50:04
Have you checked out the 9/11 timeline at the following page? There are many, MANY reasons to believe that our governmental officials knew what was to come on 9/11/01. It's scary, it's sad and it's sickening. It is essential, however, that we all open our eyes.
greg - 2003-05-17 16:52:04
yes, the war on iraq might have been about oil (although US forces securing oil fields doesnt necessarily prove this as oil is the main export of iraq and the iraqi people will need a way to make money and pay for important things, like food and education, for example) but even if it was about oil, the point is that the iraq people were freed from the opressive rule of a brutal dictator, and the world was freed from the threat of a regime that had a history of using WMD against all sorts of folks.

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