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Stuntman - 2003-05-15 18:51:05
I'm not even interested in the WMD's that Iraq was supposed to have. I just want to know what happened to all of that "sensitive" intelligence documentation, the satellite photos, the paperwork, etc., that the Bush administration said it had *proving* there were WMD's in Iraq, and thus justifying a ground war. Why not release *that* as proof since we cant seem to, , find weapons on the ground today? I imagine that if we were to launch a search to find the Bush administration's "proof," we would come up as empty-handed as we have in Iraq.
Ravyne - 2003-05-15 18:53:58
I agree with you Stuntman. I too want to know about all that "evidence" that they had. No one is questioning this whole mess and I fear it will just be swept under the carpet like so many of Bush's other follies.
jessica lovejoy - 2003-05-15 19:32:17
I thought of you today, as I was watching CSPAN (yes, NERDLING thy name is Jesscia) and they were talking about the FCC & new moves to give even more power to the few uber-media-octapi out there. The house floor was near-empty of course, as they discussed the fact that this freakyass scandal is (predictably) never discussed by said media outlets-- & then I flashed back to your comment in the last entry about the "goons" getting you. Will we find Ravyne in Camp X-ray? Cheney rounding up every dlander who opposed the war? The ghost of Roy Cohn hosting a FOX newsshow? So glad yr still here.-JL
red-wine - 2003-05-15 19:35:55
"Weapons will be found." Sounds like an evidence planting insinuaiton to me. And you know, I think of you as my own personal Erin Brockovich. Except instead of battling poisons, you're fighting the 4th Reich. I think that the "Pandi/Ravyne 2004" ticket has merit. Maybe I'll write you in.
Gardenqueen - 2003-05-15 19:38:45
Your commentary is right on the nose. I just love reading your stuff and knowing that someone else out there knows what an idiot Bush is.
book_wurm - 2003-05-15 23:12:25
how apalling can it get? the leader of the most powerful nation on earth ... i think this is more than a "change in rhetoric" ... very glad that there are others just as appalled as i have been by bush's behavior.

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