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mid_haze - 2003-05-13 17:59:56
While I find this argument interesting, the global economy is still run by money and that is why the old world whatever will fall. I do not think that I personally have enough acurate information in able to compare families of both sides.....but an open society is much better than a closed society. A closed society brings along loss of rights. I am in no way religious at all and I do not think that having a closed society will make anyone follow any values more strictly. No other religion accepts others as a possibility which makes comparing delusions interesting.
nat - 2003-05-13 22:53:45
just decided to leave you a note because your thing said 1 notes so far and that dosent make sence...and i figured id be nice ot get a note...right?
JonasParker - 2003-05-14 11:03:35
The Americans possibly want a New American Century for security reasons. If everyone is like them, then no one will want to bomb them, right?
EqualTime - 2003-05-14 13:32:26
If the Islamic world is such a wonderful thing, then tell me this: Can you, or anyone, name the last great advancement, technologically or civilization-based, that came from the Islamic world? Can you name for me any new influential Islamic human rights laws or ideas? Didn't think so. All of you who are anti-discrimination and and pro-human rights should be out actively protesting Islam! But you're not, are you...
------------------------------- - 2003-05-14 22:11:15
Capitalism is the Great Satan.
amy-poetica - 2003-05-15 03:16:08
This obviously is an issue we firmly disagree on, if you support this article. First of all, to me, the explanation that "our culture came from the Middle East" is entirely irrelevant in whether that culture applies. While it's an idea I haven't heard before, I must say I'm not happy with it. AT ALL... I do think that gay people can have "families" but regardless of whether you believe that, I don't understand why these particular issues are brought up -- for instance, sodomy. Sodomy, if by it one means oral sex, does not interfere with family as far as I see it -- just part of sexual variety. What about casual sex? Addressing sodomy before adultery, for instance seems really assbackwards -- denouncing what could be a sexual act between two committed people, albeit untraditional, before an act that obviously is a direct wedge in the "institution of marriage." At least some Islamic society really is "cruel", regardless of your personal politics regarding the women. Their fundamentalism means more than disapproving of abortion -- in some countries,women are shot in the streets for exposing skin, are expected to keep in the house... In Islamic theocracies, religion is more than a set of values, it is enforced. Perhaps all this happens because the Qu'ran itself says in the chapter "women" that men are superior. Islamic cultures can also be threatening towards human rights -- and anyone who disputes that death penalty inmates should not have the right to appeal and should be shot rapidly does not bode well with me. In conclusion, any arguement that Islam will help out our culture would have to recognize that the departure from some fundamentalist values can be a good thing, or else it does not have any approval or credibility from me.

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