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Celetra - 2003-05-08 23:58:35
That is really fishy but the heck could they be trying to hide. What could she have seen or heard that is big.
Nikita - 2003-05-09 03:34:44
I would think that if she really had blocked the memories of what happened, that would've been in the news stories right away. I'm not saying I have any knowledge of medicine or neurological damage or psychological trauma, but it seems a bit farfetched that she would've forgotten what happened during the attack several weeks after she was rescued. Maybe she had blocked it in the beginning and they just didn't announce it. Maybe it is possible for a person to forget after so much time. Maybe she didn't forget at all and they're just telling us she did. I have no idea what the government is up to in this department, but I wouldn't put anything past them. If they have a reason to cover something up - no matter how twisted or illegal the reason - they'll do it.

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