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Nikita - 2003-05-08 07:17:11
I liked Clinton mainly because he was able to talk to regular people about his policies and goals in a way they could understand. He even went on MTV and talked to a crowd of younger people, answered their questions and everything. He didn't talk over people's heads. He actually seemed like a regular guy, especially when he would go on talk shows and play the saxophone. I was in high school when he was running the first time, and had been out of school for two years or so for his second run. Being in that age group he had been talking to on MTV, I really appreciated the fact that he seemed to care about what the younger voters might want from him. Gore always kinda spooked me, with his severe lack of facial expression. Even so, I'd rather be governed by him than the one we got stuck with this time around. I'm just hoping they can't get away with it again in 2004.
Sambo - 2003-05-08 08:54:19
If you watch too much TV, you'll rot your brain out.
Pandionna - 2003-05-08 10:10:14
Honestly, they'll still be yammering about Bill Clinton well into the next administration. You know you did a good job when people just can't let go of you. I mean, I was no fan of his until the end, when I took to rooting for him just to shut Ken Starr up. That whole mess got me thinking about what is and is not important in a president, and it showed me just how petty and prurient the GOP really is. It was the second-to-last nail in the coffin for me with the GOP. The last one was the nomination of Shrub. I figure any party that would put someone like that up on the podium had no hope of ever having room for anyone with any kind of liberal views whatsoever.
gutter poet - 2003-05-08 10:21:27
Greetings! First of all enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your points of the Republicans and their Clinton-phobia is well made. However, the Democrats whining about photo-ops is exactly the same sort of nonsensical waste of time as is the Clinton bashing. The Republicans are cutting taxes while funding every barn raising in the U.S irresponsibly while the Democrats offer nothing but anti this and that and propose nothing. I wish they all would get off their arses and start working on the things we send them to Washington to do. Neither party seems to have our interest at heart and instead we get things like the Patriot Act and the Campaign Finance Law which are abriging our rights as a people. I want to expell them all. Sorry didn't mean to rant so long!
Ravyne - 2003-05-08 10:39:12
gutter poet - you are welcomed to come here and rant on any time you wish to do so. And you are right, neither side of the spectrum is doing much for us average joes. However, with this thing about Bush using his little trip to the A. Lincoln as a photo-op moment for his upcoming campaign, go to the site and read the press conference notes from yesterday with Ari. He was asked if Bush used this as a campaign moment, would he refund the people of the United States using his campaign funds. I have to agree 100% with that. Bush took an expensive unnecessary trip on a fighter jet to a ship docked close enough that he could have taken a chopper. If he uses this moment in his campaign, I too will demand that the PEOPLE be paid back.
darryl - 2003-05-08 12:09:37
This might be my left-leaning uber-cospiracy theorist tendencies shining through, but something tells me neither the Dems nor the Reps want a regime change in the U.S. any time soon. they're all making out like bandits over this Iraq issue, every single one of them, and they don't stand to lose any ground with Bush being in office. The Democrats will most likely stay elected because there are enough people who hate Bush to vote for them, and the Republicans will find a way to buy their way back in. i hate to be so pedestrian, but i refuse to believe people as myopic as Democrats could be so divided as to who they're going to put up against Bush in 2004. something foul is afoot...
J - 2003-05-08 16:04:24
You have an interesting view of Republicans. The main problem with Clinton was and still is the terrible terrorist and world security issues he failed to acknowledge and deal with. Bush is just cleaning up this HUGE mess. Clinto was too busy with his testosterone to pay attention to world issues. A conservative and Republican
Ravyne - 2003-05-08 16:44:17
lovely, another idiot who pops in, has a say but leaves no contact information...I swear I am about to start deleting their comments! well, mr. conservative republican let me just say that Bush will have his own mess from his own making to clean up soon. Anything left from Clinton must have been ok with Bush because Bush hasn't tried to use it againt Clinton, in fact, he SEALED Clinton's records. How nice of him. So it will be decades, or longer, before we find out just exactly how Clinton was involved, if he was involved, and what he may or may not have done to help our security. I hope some day, Mr. Conservative Republican, that you will get your head out of Bush's ass and realize that it is both sides of the political spectrum that is giving Americans a cruel fuck; unfortunately by then it may be too late for all of us.

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