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Windy - 2003-05-05 01:33:30
I am glad that I never read that book, and that even though they bought it, my parents never really used it. That's just horrible and sad.
Nikita - 2003-05-05 04:32:03
I had not heard of that book. I was raised as a lapsed Catholic though, so that might have something to do with it. Staggering, the lack of continuity. He should at least try to remember what he's defined as "vices", and then he should at least try to present the facade that he avoids these vices. Even if it's all fake, he should stick with the program he thought up. Then again, if he had been a drinker instead of a gambler, maybe gambling would've been a vice and drinking not so much. he wrote that book out of an extreme need to preach his lifestyle to the world. "Look at me! Live like me! I'm perfect!" Pfeh.
jessica lovejoy - 2003-05-05 07:52:08
Gah. I really should restrain myself from reading and commenting on yr entries so obsessively...then again, it certainly gets me awake (and riled up) and ready to face the day. And now I'm very curious whether or not my Baptist aunt&uncle are followers of this schmuck- cos I guarantee that they're anti-gambling. And Methodists (as I was raised) are VERY anti-gambling of all sorts (also anti-booze and dancing and everything else I do on the weekends, though theyve loosened these rules a lot). Hm- the Roman soldiers played dice for Jebus' clothes...that's pretty strong evidence against the Bennett case, no? -JL

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