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Windy - 2003-04-30 05:03:34
Gotta love it! Okay, not really. I was watching Liberty's Kids with my daughter today(5 years old and already a history nut, she loves that show), and wishing I lived during the Revolutionary War. At least then people could DO something about their lack of freedom; they could fight for it. You try and raise support against the status quo now, and you're subversive, a seditionist, and shut down before you can get anywhere. Ugh. We need another revolution.
Ravyne - 2003-04-30 05:11:23
My sentiments exactly Windy. Its been what? over 200 years since we had a good ole revolution and people in this country have been calling for one since the end of the Korean conflict (especially during the Vietnam conflict). I would definitely say its time.
Windy - 2003-04-30 05:18:27
You know what I think would work best? Split up the states, turn them into the sovereign nations they were meant to be. State is a synonym for country anyway. Keep an alliance between them, free travel between, and otherwise abolish the federal government entirely. It was never supposed to be the primary authority. Get rid of it, let the states take care of themselves. Put our federal tax money back into the states. Have each state have a separate military, or keep a unified one if you prefer. Otherwise, let the states have back their sovereignty! Let's ALL secede from the Union! ~grin~
Jules aka justblue202 - 2003-04-30 05:23:21
You know, I never really thought about the concept of our freedom until I read what you wrote. We have the basic freedoms, to wear what we want, listen to what we want, and generally speak what we long as we don't try to make a deal of out of it. As soon as someone tries to get others involved, and it becomes something even minutely large, all those freedoms seem to be tossed out of the window. Because you know, we as Americans wouldn't want to set a bad example for the rest of the world... At least, that what they want it to be. After all, how can we swoop in and "save" other countries if everyone is revolting here? So just ignore the poverty, the unemployment, the murder rate, and just focus on the good. After all, we are Americans!
Nikita - 2003-04-30 05:25:42
Amazing, the things our government gets away with. I think the revolution idea is a good one. Then again, that would require everyone who wants to see changes made to unite, and if there's one thing this nation hates more than terrorists, it's uniting.
Windy - 2003-04-30 05:28:56
Well said, Nikita.

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