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jessica lovejoy - 2003-04-29 20:00:43
I wouldn't know how to search yr previous entries, so I don't know if youve already talked about the issue of over 90,000 black Floridians who weren't ALLOWED to vote, after K Harris falsely had them listed as convicted felons (though the paperwork would say they committed their crimes in, say, 2007)? I'm curious if you've addressed this- I bet you'd be able to find more info than I have. Shit, I forget the name of the investigative reporter who found this out- he's an American who works in London. I saw him on a Sunday afternoon African-American-orientated news show 2 weekends ago, and havent been able to find anything else about the story since. Any help?
Christina - 2003-04-29 23:18:10
I have to say that everything you have said in this entry, I agreed with! Bush makes me sick and the fact that we can't get him out of power is disheartening... Although I know that I would not vote for him if he runs again in 2004, no matter what I was offered to do it. His blatant disregard for international law is pompous and is only going to lead us to trouble. When you said that people should be active for what they believe in, I could hear the words coming out of my mouth to people. I have said such things before! May there be more like you and I in the future.
hi - 2003-04-30 04:53:03
Big with the agreeing. v. scared nonetheless to even be posting here, but still... get out the vote is the only desperate mad man's hope.

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