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Amie - 2003-04-28 14:16:35
*chuckle* I read this site, I just don't comment because, well, I rarely ever comment, period. I'm weird about commenting. It's almost a phobia. I stare at the page, and think "Oh, shit. What am I supposed to write now?" But, like I said, I'm always checking this site. You manage to gather up some really excellent information! I've even passed some of it along to various friends and family members. Thanks for the hard work I know you put into this.
Ravyne - 2003-04-28 17:33:46
Thanks Amie. With all the research I do, I sure wish I could find a way to get paid for it! I would be rolling in the dough by now. ::grins::

so tell me...:

who are you?:
where can I email you?:
do you have a URL to share?:

Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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