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Pandionna - 2003-04-28 13:44:00
A pig by any other name...
Ravyne - 2003-04-28 17:34:48
My thoughts exactly Pandionna.
Windy - 2003-04-29 00:50:54
Thanks for the definition. :)
Nikita - 2003-04-30 04:16:32
Fascinating article. Particularly this passage: --"Newt Gingrich is the front man for the neoconservatives and is as much beside himself as they are that Bush has postponed World War IV," Mr. Buchanan said in an interview.-- Does Buchanan realize we've only had two world wars? Unless we had one and I missed it. This last one seems to have been more of a Bush thing. I think most of our allies declined our invitations to bomb the crap out of the Middle East this time around, didn't they?
Ravyne - 2003-04-30 05:07:29
Nikkita - many in the political/historical world view the Cold War as WW III. Mainly because it was between the two "super" powers: the USA and the USSR. That is why they are now saying that Bush wants to usher in WW IV.
Ravyne - 2003-04-30 05:08:24
Sorry, wrote Nikkita instead of Nikita. My apoligies.

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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