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Pandionna - 2003-04-23 17:49:04
Exactly. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.
challenge-me - 2003-04-23 18:43:00
Thanks for the feedback :) I am currently taking some time and doing lots of reading regarding the Larouche democratic party... since it's something that I am interested in supporting (thinking of joining the youth movement)... But I don't want to rush into it because of all the negativity that I've heard... I don't know if I agree with you wholeheartedly but that's because I haven't done enough research to make my own decision... Yes, there's all the slander all over the net, but for the two months I spent with with the youth out campaigning it was one of the most invigorating things I've experienced... But I'll keeping reading your thoughts on who you think is the better candidate for the Presidency... Thanks :)
Ravyne - 2003-04-23 18:59:29
Challenge-Me: Truthfully, I don't think there is a "better" candidate for President. Since I am an ex-republican and currently consider myself to be an Independent, I have not decided to endorse anyone just yet. I like what Dean has to say most of the time. But I also like Ron Paul and wish that he would break from the Reps and run on an Independent ticket. Same with John McCain. I admire Kucinich for some of his comments, but I doubt he stands much of a chance. I keep my eye on John Kerry because I have a feeling he just may get the nomination. None of the other Dems even appeal to me at all.

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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