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Windy - 2003-04-13 21:27:20
How sad. You know, I wrote a poem when I was 11 about the first Gulf War. It's not topic children should have to be thinking about at all. They should be able to think about kids' things, worry about kids' worries, like "Does Tommy like me?", or "Did I pass the math quiz?". That's a tragedy.
Lori - 2003-04-13 21:59:07
Yes Windy, it is a tragedy. It forces kids to grow up too soon and become cynical too early in life. Maybe some day we will learn what peace means and how to impliment it.
vanessa - 2003-04-14 04:41:24
what a horrible and bitter world we live in, when 11 year olds can sense the inherent wrong.
TrueThinker - 2003-04-14 16:43:36
if natasha even exists (most likely its Lori in hiding), natasha is an IDIOT who obviously gleaned every "idea" from a parent or relative. She should be deported and punished. She does not deserve the freedoms of this country and shouldn't have the right to even associate herself to Americans. I hope she gets spanked and sent to the corner.
Marie - 2003-04-14 16:58:00
the Iraqi children don't want or need the sympathy of an ignorant anti-American child, they are finally happy, finally able to be free, and if we had done nothing, they still would have been living under Saddams thumb, which is how Lori wanted it
Windy - 2003-04-14 17:05:03
If you think someone should be punished for excersizing their right as is guaranteed by the First Amendment, no matter who or how old that person is, you should be the one deported. We all have the right to say whatever the hell we want in this country, and the right NOT to be punished for voicing our opinions whether anyone agrees with us or not. If you don't like it, it is your right not to listen, but you don't have to be insulting or inflammatory about it. Take your anti-freedom ideas elsewhere.
TrueThinker - 2003-04-14 18:16:08
You are a hypocrite Windy. you just said everyone has the right to say and voice what the want without punishment. and that if i dont like it dont listen. yet when i voice MY free speech you say i should be punished and deported and i should leave the website. take your own advice and if you dont like it dont listen (even though its a website so you SEE not HEAR) and if you believe in free speech, you believe in free speech for EVERYONE, not just those who you happen to agree with.
Sympathizer - 2003-04-14 18:16:37
I hope natasha dies.
MRSjenner - 2003-04-14 18:28:57
Windy, please go suck your thumb I have never come across someone this dumb you are an idiot, this i know you are a stupid, smelly "ho" your boobs are small, your butt is big, your hair is gross, you need a wig i wonder if, you lost your brain or did it get run over by a train?? you should move far away to Guam and then get married to your beloved Saddam
Sympathizer - 2003-04-14 18:31:37
L.O.R.I.= Liberal Opposed to Republican Ideas
Windy - 2003-04-14 18:34:29
For someone who supposedly has such a busy life and doesn't get online much, you sure are spending an awful lot of time in here insulting other people. And yes, you do have a right to say what you did, no matter how reprehensible and disgusting and anti-American it was. And I have the right to tell you just what I think of you and your fascist setiments. And Sympathizer, anyone who would wish a child to die is a sad, small, twisted person. I pity you.
Windy - 2003-04-14 18:58:28
MRSjenner, we are not 5th grade anymore, grow up.
Sympathizer - 2003-04-14 19:10:17
i am not sad, small, or twisted. i am happy, big, and straight.
Sympathizer - 2003-04-14 19:12:27
I hope Windy dies too. I hope she gets robbed. I hate her to death. She is a piece of trash. Icky-yucky-mama-ooey-pooey-gooey-aye-chiahuahua-creepy-cruddy-ucky-ga-ga dont touch her
Sympathizer - 2003-04-14 19:14:31
i hope natasha is hurt, and then refused medical treatment, and then deported forever and evermore.
Jerry - 2003-04-14 19:21:55
My name is Jerry Orbach. And I strongly believe in Law and Order.
Windy - 2003-04-14 23:57:15
This conversation has degenerated beyond mudslinging, and I tire of you trolls and your personal attacks. If you can't voice your opinion without attacking other people, you are not worth listening to. I hereby exclude myself from this and all other conversations with all these flamers and trolls, and I don't give a damn what you think. I will reapeat myself one final time: grow up.
Kristina - 2003-04-15 10:09:55
Anyone who would waste their time bashing a poem by a child to other children, really needs to get a life. The person who runs this diary is obviously giving anyone who wants to the opportunity to voice their opinion so, please let her voice hers without acting so immature about it. This is the reason our country has so many problems to begin with.
Pandionna - 2003-04-15 14:31:30
I notice that all the "pro-war" people here--which I suspect is really one person with too much time on his or her hands--didn't have the balls to leave their URLs. Probably don't have the balls to fight a war either, but instead have no problems sending someone else off to do it for them. Cowards, one and all.
TrueThinker - 2003-04-16 19:03:37
Pandionna you are an idiot, and not all people have fun little diaries to leave their urls for. and the troops are willing to go off to defend the country, and to defend the freedom of speech so even idiot like you can mouth flap. and to the other child, if that poem was even real which i higly doubt, the girl was an idiot who fed the ideas of her parents onto the screen for them, and it is my right to put her down. i notice all of you bush haters whine about YOUR freedom of speech, but when someone who disagrees with you exercises their speech, you yell and insult them. By the way, you are not anti war you are anti bush.
Windy - 2003-04-17 00:55:46
I will repeat what I said earlier: if you have so much of a life and so little time online, as you claimed, then why do you spend it all here being hostile and insulting? Is that what you consider a worthwhile use of your free time? Hmm.

so tell me...:

who are you?:
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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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