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TrueThinker - 2003-04-12 19:37:43
you are all ignorant, and you don't impeach someone simply for disagreeing with them.
Ryuu - 2003-04-13 05:09:24
That's very true. You don't impeach someone just because you disagree with them. However, you can and SHOULD impeach them when they violate the Constitution, begin acting in accordance to thier own agenda rather than following the wishes of those that they are SUPPOSEDLY representing, and generally acting in a tyrannical/dictorial fashion. Great power is great reponsibility and one of those responsibilities is that those in power uphold and strictly follow the laws of the land. Certain parties with much power and very little consience or compassion don't seem to understand that concept. It rather makes one wonder who the truly ignorant one is...
Lori - 2003-04-13 13:51:30
A friend of mine made a call to her represenative in congress recently to tell this representative (who happens to be an Independent) that she would support a resolution in the House to impeach Bush. The message she received from the Aide she spoke to was very scary though. He said, "You cannot impeach someone who wasn't legally elected, but don't worry, we are taking care of things." Hmmmm...kinda makes you wonder what is being taken care of? Guess time will tell. Oh and this TrueThinker idiot has attacked many of my comments spewing his ignorance. What he or she doesn't realize is that some of us here in the US aren't the only ones who believe that Bush has violated the rules of conduct in war, many other countries believe the same thing. It would be a shame for Bush to be banned from many countries because of war crimes like his good ole buddy Kissinger has been banned. Ha!
minyoo - 2003-04-23 13:57:06
look. if we impeached Bush, CHENEY would then be president. Sit down and think about it for a while. Cheney. And then if we even impeached him, we got Hastert. Think about it.
Ashley - 2003-04-26 02:33:04
And I always thought that you didn't call someone IGNORANT just because you disagree with them, and perhaps don't know the entire argument behind their opinion. Ah, well, that's an old post anyway. Time to move on. I just really wish that I was as clever as a group of French protestors who sent a giant box to Bush containing photographs of their protest, and... many, MANY bags of pretzles. I nearly DIED of laughter when I heard that. Perhaps this little annecdote will make someone else's day as well.
N^ChomSky - 2003-07-31 00:00:39
"When ignorance reigns, life is LOST!!" The idealists in this world need to work more closly together in order to make a greater change. Idealists need to b open minded, exchange ideas with other idealists & progress. Otherwise every single idealist will lose hope. Together we are strong! There are more like u out there!! ~peace~

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