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the Primordial Soupdragon - 2003-03-04 14:38:56
This is really clever, and kept me interested right to the end. Quite an achievement since I have the attention span of a... OOOH, look!....donuts! People hate me for saying this but I'm glad the WTC is gone. It was like two fingers stuck up at the raped third world. People die in misery every day because of capitalisation and will continue to do so, therefore I find it hard to feel sympathy for those who died enjoying the benefits of it. When the towers went down I was kinda hoping it was done by American anti-globalisation protesters... at least then people in the USA might have been willing to discuss the reasons behind it rather than just wanting revenge. After all, Americans on the whole never try to understand why people of other cultures hate them so much. They would never be able to get to grips with the reasons why some people in the Muslim world would love to see their downfall, often with perfect justification.
Lori - 2003-03-05 08:39:06
Primmy, you are so right. Even though I mourn for all those who died in the WTC, I too am glad it is gone. I never thought it meant anything more than wealth and how that wealth was created. I detest capitalism. I know that many people would call me anti-American for saying that, but capitalism has created another fiefdom of sorts. There are fewer HAVEs than HAVE NOTs and the HAVEs are only concerned about making more and more money and they don't care how they get it or who they step on to get there. I think the best thing for the world as a whole would be the downfall of capitalism.

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