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Moonchild - 2003-02-27 05:03:46
MM Lady E.... I have to say, I can relate to at least 50 of those..... Brightest Blessings, Moonchild aka Savannah aka Ina
SB - 2003-03-26 17:36:18
99. I dispise hypocrits. Despise and hypocrites.
Contradiction - 2003-04-12 19:34:39
Mel Gibson is pro-war and Ashley Judd is also Republican
Jenni - 2003-04-12 23:20:47
you seem like a really cool person. i relate to a lot of those
Ravyne - 2003-04-14 23:55:52
I do not pick actors that I enjoy watching by their political stances. If I did, I would miss a lot of great movies.
AJ - 2003-04-30 12:12:57
You sound much like I would be if I wasn't a Christian. I identify with a lot of the points on ur list, and I am open to new ideas etc, despite holding my own beliefs. I really can't stand people who won't even listen to someone else's point of view. You do sound like a cool person. And your diary background is very cool too. :)
mary - 2003-05-06 16:19:01
hey. i really feel that i can relate to you. except on the whole smoking thing. i'm a singer and can't smoke. but i just wandered upon your diary and felt pulled to it. i can really relate to you and singers and comedians and actresses and all that jazz. i found it really interesting that you are into Wicca. i go to a "giftie" school and have come across alot of people into that. to be honest, i've been drawn to it since i first learned about it. and at one time, i almost gave up my Christianity and switched to Wicca. i still uphold some Wiccan beliefs and am not sure where i stand on Christianity. i think it would be really great if we could talk. write me back if you want. hope you have a great day. take care-mary
wren - 2003-05-17 14:56:05
i adore type-o negative! im also wiccan! i really enjoyed reading your diary you seem like a really nice person.
caitlin - 2003-05-18 02:16:30
as you can see i have an obsession with the fairies. i have created many of my own religions. i am also wiccan, i adore candle magic, and find it surprising that i relate to so many of the items you included on your list. i hope to meet you on line sometime. if you would be willing, e-mail me. i find you quite interesting.
Christy - 2003-05-23 19:56:58
I LOVE Ab Fab! All my friends call me a dork for watching such a (in their words) "stupid and pointless" show. But I don't see how they can't love it! You're the first American (you are American, right?) that I've met (well, sort of met) that likes that show! And Monty Python kicks ass. I can totally relate to the stuff that you say about yourself. You're such a cool person! I love it that you're so accepting of people and other cultures, and hooray for anti-war-ism and Witches and Samhain! I stumbled upon a link to your diary, and I love it. You're such a unique person. Love, Christy
mr molotov - 2003-05-24 02:12:13
You're not really so fucking unique.
luvabeans - 2003-05-28 18:01:41
i just know we would hang out if i knew you, faery-lady. only thing, every time i read the words "depise," "loathe," "hate," it makes me cringe a little, even if it refers to something as frightening as war or as seemingly unimportant as a sunrise. i'm not judging ... everyone has their opinions, and maybe you see "hate" differently than i do. you definitely have passionate emotions, and that's all cool ... i guess i'm just getting into semantics. and now i'm rambling. whatever. oh, and more people need to be aware of the genius that is eddie izzard ... mmmm .....
Tom Osborne - 2003-05-31 16:32:34
What a truly wonderful person you are, and I love the idea that you know yourself so well. I laughed out loud when you said you liked all vegetables except okra! Okra is the only one I don't like too, I think of it as "hairy spit"!
Ashley - 2003-06-07 11:37:09
Thank you.
Alan - 2003-06-19 19:16:54
I think I can either relate to or understand each and everything single point that you put out there. You seem like a very cool person. I would love to learn more about your political stances, and although I don't know much about paganism or wicca, would also love to learn about it as well.

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Ahhhh...thanks, I needed that!

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